A Southern Drawl on Medical Cannabis Cards

Written by Nicholas Demski

A quick guide that compares and contrasts the use of medical cannabis cards in Florida, Virginia, and Louisiana.

Americans living in Southern states have plenty of luck. They get better weather than those in the northernmost reaches of the country. They live relatively close to the ocean compared to many other Americans. They make some of the best food (Cajun gumbo) and throw some of the best parties (Mardi Gras).

However, how do their medical cannabis programs compare? Do people in the South have access to medical cannabis? Let’s explore the medical cannabis programs in Florida, Virginia, and Louisiana to see if Southern Americans really do have all the luck.

Do People in the South have Access to Medical Cannabis?

Of course, every state is different in how they implement their medical cannabis laws. Having a card in one state can mean something entirely differently than having a card in another state.

Here’s what having a medical cannabis card in three Southern states gets you.

In Florida, a medical cannabis card must be renewed every seven months to stay current. Some of the basic regulations in Florida include:

  • Patients may possess a 70-day supply or up to 4 ounces of cannabis intended for smoking
  • Until earlier this year, patients were forbidden from smoking medical cannabis
  • Patients cannot grow their own medical cannabis, nor can their caregivers grow it for them
  • Patients may only purchase cannabis from a licensed retailer within the state

In Virginia, even under their relatively new medical cannabis program, possession of medical cannabis remains illegal.

However, the card does provide an “affirmative defense for registered patients, caregivers, and pharmaceutical processors,” according to  . This means that possession remains illegal, but the legal consequences will be mitigated through a valid medical cannabis card.

Some of the basic in Virginia include:

  • No flower allowed
  • No food products or preparations that exceed cannabinoid limits (no more than 10 mg THC per dose)
  • Products must contain at least 5 mg CBD or 5 mg THCA per dose
  • Dispensaries are expected to open in late 2019
  • Patients may purchase a 90-day supply

Louisiana recently implemented its medical cannabis program to full effect. Some of the most basic regulations include:

  • No personal
  • No raw forms of cannabis
  • No smoking
  • May possess a one-month supply

Obviously, the medical cannabis patients in these Southern states, when compared to other medical cannabis programs, do not have all the luck. They’re often shackled by anti-smoking laws and burdening limitations on their cards, such

At least they still have great food and know how to party.

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