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Terpenes and Testing Magazine is the scientific backdrop against which in-depth understanding of cannabis news, compliance and regulation, chemistry, analytical testing, and horticulture science can fully unfold and crystallize. We pride ourselves on making science fun and digestible, without taking away from its power. And by fun, we don’t mean inside jokes only scientists can geek-out and high-five each other over. Fun for us is discussing how scientific innovations and discoveries translate into and shape the young, new, and wide-open world of the cannabis industry. This unique approach to infusing hard-core science with genuine passion for the cannabis plant is what makes us ever-relevant to scientists and cannabis enthusiasts alike.

Our bi-monthly publication is distributed to laboratories, extraction facilities, growers, dispensaries, glass shops, and living rooms from the United States to Israel and everywhere in-between. Additionally, the digital copy is sold at the Apple store and the Google Play Store. Our daily blog content reaches an even wider spectrum of readers who want to stay abreast of the constantly evolving scientific, business, and political fields of the cannabis industry landscape.

We embrace the responsibility of standing alone at the forefront of the cannabis publishing space as the only print magazine reporting on the crucial news, trends, science, and innovations that change the face of the cannabis world every day.


Terpenes and Testing Magazine is proud to be the loyal side-kick of the cannabis scientist, helping them on their noble quest to push the boundaries by curating the latest news, technological innovations, scientific research, and newest discoveries for them, pinning down overlooked angles and far-reaching perspectives on the world of terpenes, horticulture, chemistry, and analytical science.

Even if you’re just a scientist at heart, our in-depth and technical, yet fun feature articles can enrich your understanding of cannabis and the science behind it, the various growing techniques, and ultimately, your overall cannabis experience.

Latest News

The evolution of the cannabis industry mirrors childhood – every time you blink, and it has grown, changed, developed. It has just moved from its adolescent rebellion phase to maturing with structure. It’s been a wild ride, and it’s our mission to keep you up-to-date on the constant, unprecedented innovations the world of cannabis is experiencing. To do that, we weed out the relevant news from the trivial, and venture out to the distant edges of the known cannabis industry to report on what we see from the current landscape to the scientific, medicinal, and technological frontier.

In-depth Features

Unlike other publications, which bring superficial information to a general audience, we dive headfirst into the bottomless sea of science and bring fascinating gems of knowledge to the surface for our avid cannabis science community. Our feature articles are deeper, wilder, and just plain cool. They are rich brain food that fills you with comprehensive knowledge without making you full.

Targeted Advertising

We approach everything as “sweet science” making our pinpointed advertisements 100% relevant to your business. We take it as our duty to partner only with the top companies in cannabis innovation in order to not only keep you informed of the best new products and services available in the cannabis world, but also to help make that world better in the process.  Learn about cutting-edge laboratory equipment, vaping technology, upcoming industry trade shows, and more as you explore digital content on our website and in the print version of Terpenes and Testing.

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