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ABSTRAX Launches Premium Cannabis Derived High Terpene Extract (HTE) Catalog for California Vapes, Concentrates and Edibles

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Expansive HTE Catalog Standardizes Quality for Leading and Emerging Cannabis Brands with Unwavering Flavor, Consistency and Testing Standards

IRVINE – November 30, 2020 – ABSTRAX, an industry leader in the study and production of cannabis and botanically-derived terpenes, has launched the first standardized cannabis live resin High Terpene Extract (HTE) catalog for the California Cannabis, Vape, and Food/Beverage markets after unparalleled research and development efforts.

“This is a thrilling time for ABSTRAX and our customers,” says Max Koby, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer. “Beyond offering the largest collection of premium botanically-derived terpenes, we also now offer our California partners the most expansive selection of the highest quality cannabis-derived terpenes and live resin extracts. These are reshaping the way brands are developing their product offerings, by providing them the highest quality, active key flavor ingredients to create the optimal cultivar specific terpene profiles of the most desirable genetics in California.”

ABSTRAX offers a superior product to traditional flavor houses and extraction companies for the following reasons:

  1. ABSTRAX product developers and scientists utilize proprietary, groundbreaking technologies to identify rare terpenes and aroma compounds that are hugely responsible for giving each cultivar its unique flavor and effects, whereas other organizations have access to outmoded technologies that don’t reveal the specifics of what makes leading cultivars so delicious and effective.
  2. Other extraction companies lack the resources, technology, and testing capabilities to analyze hundreds of compounds to optimize their extraction processes and standardize product formulations.
  3. Flavor companies do not have the proper licensing, facilities or technology for cannabis testing, research, extraction, and formulation.
  4. Other formulators are unable to develop cannabis products and test them to assure both quality and consistency of product formulations.
  5. Flavor and aroma manufacturers do not produce products to the safety compliance specifications required by cannabis regulatory agencies including no residual solvents, heavy metals or pesticides.
  6. There is limited access to study and extract the freshest samples of the most popular genetics in the world.

“Thanks to an amazing team of passionate researchers and the combination of our terpene manufacturing facility and state of the art licensed cannabis R&D Manufacturing lab (the only of its kind in the world), we’ve accomplished the feat of identifying more than 400 cannabis-derived terpenes (aroma and flavor compounds) in every sample we analyze. We use these research capabilities to optimize our cannabis terpene extracts, offer unparalleled terpene analysis, and also recreate any cannabis cultivar from botanically derived ingredients with an unwavering commitment to quality, consistency, and accuracy,” says Koby.

ABSTRAX uses 3D metabolite fingerprinting technology to discover and isolate hidden aroma and fragrance compounds that have been missed in previous efforts by other cannabis researchers and flavor houses. The company combines these advanced testing capabilities with its proprietary extraction process to yield the highest quality natural extracts, assuring they preserve and optimize the full spectrum of the terpene flavor profile.

With every product, ABSTRAX creates standardized product data sheets that map the entire profile of over 400 compounds to determine the specific flavor, aroma, cultivar balance, gas factor, fruit levels, and other desirable qualities that help brands create memorable product experiences. Brands can use this technology and data to better educate consumers on the intended flavor and effects of these natural extracts.

“All of our live resin cannabis-derived extracts are produced from the most premium cultivars and fresh frozen plants selected through our advanced research program, designed to discover and share the best cannabis terpene profiles in the world. We are the modern-day Terp Hunters grown out of California, which has the most sought-after cannabis profiles and is the industry trendsetter for the entire world. Our research starts with the cannabis flower, but doesn’t end until we can offer the most premium terpene flavors from both cannabis and botanically-derived sources,” says Koby.

ABSTRAX also creates botanically derived versions of the best cannabis terpene profiles to help brands reproduce a targeted, repeatable and consistent product experience. The “secret sauce” lies in finding the perfect balance between the major and minor terpenes as well as the hidden aroma and flavor compounds. ABSTRAX does this by studying the cannabis flower and live resin extract to create identical botanically-derived terpenes and entourage-driven mental and physical effects.

“For years, we have specialized in cannabis research and extraction to create the most authentic, botanically-derived cannabis profiles in the world. Now we are launching our cannabis-derived terpene extracts and offering the next generation of Native Series™ botanical terpenes to recreate the same live resin experience for companies outside California that do not have access to our cannabis terpenes,” continued Koby.

For example, ABSTRAX has perfected a vape-ready Jack Herer blend that couldn’t be successfully recreated prior to its technological advancements with 3D metabolite fingerprinting.  Other flavor houses had attempted to recreate the cultivar, but fell short because their analysis didn’t go deep enough.

“After partnering with Dan Herer to study and extract the original genetics, we discovered there are a few rare compounds (including ß-phellandrene in high concentration, which plays a crucial role in its unique flavor) that were not easily identified until our groundbreaking technologies made it possible,” says Koby.

ABSTRAX was able to bring together the exact aroma and flavor compounds (in their specific amounts) and recreate Jack Herer with unwavering precision and consistency. The company helped the Original Jack Herer Brand develop authenticated products including Live Resin Vapes in CA, Distillate Vape with the Native Series™ terpenes, terpene-infused rolling papers, and most recently a Jack Herer Beer. Now, the Original Jack Herer Brand has the ability to standardize their cannabis extracts, vape formulations, and CPG product applications across the country with other manufacturing partners.

By bringing together the key terpenes and compounds found in the Jack Herer cultivar, ABSTRAX’s blends also ensure consumers will enjoy similar physiological effects achieved when consuming infused products —  such as increased energy and creativeness, followed by a relaxed “chilled” feeling as time progresses. This unique experience, known as the entourage effect, is produced by the terpenes and cannabinoids working together.

“It all comes down to our mastery of mapping cannabis terpene profiles from flower through extraction and developing quality-centric testing standards to improve our quality metrics and help further educate consumers and empower the industry with scientifically driven data. Our analytical testing program focuses on: (1) The Gas Factor™ – the components giving cannabis its quintessentially “skunky” smell, (2) The Fruit Factor™ – the components that contribute to sweet or fruity flavors, (3) Cultivar Balance™ — the dispersal of terpenes in a flower, (4) Sensory Panel — describes the flavor and intended effects, and (5) the specific terpene and aroma compounds found within each cannabis cultivar ranked by concentration. We’ve mastered each of these and continue to create new advancements in our testing program so that we can assure unwavering consistency and standards for the most accurate recreation of any cultivar on the market,” says Koby.

For ABSTRAX, the release of its HTE catalog has placed the company in the position of standard-bearer for the production of cannabis terpene profiles for the State of California and beyond. “As legalization expands throughout the country and world, we expect our catalog will set the standard for the industry at large,” says Koby.


Leveraging its proven background in cannabis research, ABSTRAX is the leader in the research, development, and production of botanically-derived and cannabis-inspired terpenes that create unforgettable sensorial experiences. Headquartered in California, the company owns and operates a state-of-the-art type 7 licensed research and manufacturing lab where it’s award-winning product developers and scientists leverage the most advanced cultivar analysis technology to extract and study aroma compounds via three-dimensional analysis, allowing for each and every compound within a plant to be named and studied. The company has partnered with many of the best cultivators in the industry to study their cannabis profiles and create the world’s most advanced terpene formulations. As a result of its efforts, ABSTRAX offers the largest terpene catalogue of the most popular cultivars – botanically-derived terpene blends and isolates native to cannabis. These ingredients, also known as functional flavors and aromas, are used in vapes, concentrates, edibles, beer, essential oils, fragrances, cosmetics, topicals, tinctures, alcohol, food and beverage, personal care, and more. The company works with internationally recognized brands and provides unparalleled cannabis research, innovation, and custom formulations to create products that engage and thrill consumers. ABSTRAX also devotes significant resources to developing the highest terpene standards and best practices in the industry. The company has developed a robust quality management system including Gas Chromatography analysis and molecular distillation of natural ingredients to achieve the highest purity standards. Investigating and ensuring that ingredients used in its own products, and products within its industry, are safe for consumption. The terpene industry is a rapidly growing segment of the global flavor and fragrance market, which is expected to grow to $35 billion by 2024. This market segment includes the cannabis, CBD, skincare, cosmetics, health and wellness, food and beverage industries. For more information, visit

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