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AEssenseGrows Deploys Precision Hydroponic Dosing Unit For Fully Automated Greenhouse/Indoor Operations

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New AEtrium Measurement, Sensing, & Irrigation System Provides Dual Failover Pumps, 8 Channels of 16 Gallons/Minute, 11 Nutrient Supplies, Software Controlled Fertigation

 SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 19, 2020 — AEssenseGrows is now offering its proprietary AEtrium Automated Dosing Unit (ADU) as a fully integrated nutrient measurement, dispensing, pH monitoring and nutrient adjustment system for use in greenhouse or indoor operations. The turnkey ADU operates 24×7 delivering 16 gallons/minute of precision volumetric dosing to 8 programmable channels of irrigation. Delivered fully assembled with on-board computer, connect water and power and the system is ready to go.

The AEtrium ADU can automatically dose from any of 11 available liquid nutrient sources. Typically 2 of these are reserved for pH management (up/down) but the assignment is fully optional for all 11 fertilizer inputs.

“The AEtrium ADU offers new automation advantages to any hydroponic or drip system grow operation. The Guardian™ Grow Manager central control software works with the ADU to precisely mix and deliver 24×7 without mistakes or fatigue. We put free time back into people’s days.” said Phil Gibson, vice president of Marketing at AEssenseGrows. “Professional cultivators will be delighted by the ease of use and the precision controls. Just mix your recipe, turn on the schedule, and you’re in cruise control with automatic cloud tracking of every action.”

Each of the standard irrigation pumps offer a maximum flow rate of 15.8 gallons/minute (60 lpm) x2 from the integrated reservoir. Temperature, pH, and Electrical Conductivity (EC) are measured constantly and reported to the ADU on-board computer for analysis by the Guardian Grow Manager (GGM) control system. This makes the AEtrium ADU ideal for any sprinkler, dripper, poly pipe, or flood and drain hydroponic system for greenhouse or indoor applications.

In addition to fertigation, the GGM software can be extended through the use of smart relays to control a complete grow environment from nutrients to air, CO2 management, humidity, temperature, fans, vents, light deprivation screens, lighting control, and input/exit water and treatment recovery systems. An optional reservoir cooling coil can be integrated to chill the reservoir for warmer grow environments. Including auto-fill and auto-flush with water level sensors, the unit can be a self-maintaining dosing and irrigation system.

“The AEtrium ADU is one more step in our modular approach to automated plant production and improved yields.” said Robert Chen, Chairman & CEO at AEssenseGrows. “We want the world to produce more and healthier plants to support global demand for fresh produce and medicines. Sharing our proprietary dosing system is one way we can help feed the world.”

The standalone AEtrium Automated Dosing Unit is the newest member of the data-driven AEtrium family, joining the Aetrium-2.1 SmartFarm for cloning and veg, and the AEtrium-4 single-layer blooming system, and the Double Deck AEtrium-4 two-layer blooming system.

The AEtrium ADU is available for order today. For more information for the rest of the UL/ETL/CE certified AEtrium Systems, visit


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AEssenseGrows (pronounced “essence grows”), founded in 2014, is a precision AgTech company based in Sunnyvale, Calif. A recipient of the Red Herring 2019 Top 100 North America award, AEssenseGrows provides accelerated plant growth SmartFarm platforms and software automation delivering pure, zero pesticide, year-round, enriched growth to fresh produce and medicinal plant producers globally. With AEssenseGrows, growers can precisely control their production operations at their fingertips from anywhere in the world.

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