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Ascension Sciences Receives R&D License from Health Canada

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VANCOUVER, August 20th, 2020 — Ascension Sciences Inc. (“Ascension Sciences”, “Ascension” or “ASI”), an independent laboratory focused on nanoparticle formulation development for cannabinoid therapeutics, is pleased to announce that it has been issued a Research and Development (“R&D”) license under the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations by Health Canada with a five-year term until August 17, 2025.

The license is effective immediately and will allow ASI, one of Canada’s few third party cannabis CROs for formulation development, to possess and perform R&D on cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, CBG and CBN, for novel therapies using efficient screening techniques. From calculating nanoparticle size and inspecting dissolution profiles, to analyzing HPLC data and enhancing encapsulation efficiency, ASI’s contract research services are ideally suited for firms looking to extend their research capabilities. With quick turnaround times and flexible cost and IP structures, Ascension’s expertise are an efficient CRO option that can save months of development for R&D-driven companies looking to boost the performance of their therapies.

ASI’s new headquarters and laboratory is fully equipped to develop nanoparticle delivery systems for compounds derived from cannabis. The new lab located in Vancouver, Canada will greatly accelerate existing and future projects, services and technologies.

“Issuance of our R&D license from Health Canada is a significant milestone for everyone at ASI,” said Tomas Skrinskas, Founder & CEO of Ascension Sciences. “This license will kick up our screening of cannabinoid nanoparticles and further engage our network where ASI’s services can compliment product development goals.”

ASI plans to provide R&D updates often but cautions that it may keep proprietary information confidential for reasons of patent pursuit. For media inquiries, please contact Stay connected with ASI on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest news.


 About Ascension Sciences

Employing nanoparticle formulation technology from the cutting edge of genetic medicine, Ascension Sciences Inc. (ASI) is developing cannabinoid nano delivery platforms and techniques for the pharma and nutraceutical industries. ASI’s R&D and formulation development services are an efficient option for research driven firms that require the advantages of nanoparticle delivery for their active ingredients.

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