Ben Britton

I am fascinated by the way the individual components of machines work together to solve a problem. I believe in organization over force and that any machine is only as good as its weakest part. Integrity is important to me and I engineered every aspect of the Pikes Peak Rosin Press with the customers needs in mind. After graduating from CU Boulder with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I worked for a large corporation as the lead engineer doing product development and machine design. Although this experience was a valuable step towards where I am now, the corporate life was not for me so I decided to go into machine design consulting. When my friend Josh Rutherford came to me with the idea for a Rosin Press I saw a product that had enormous potential for improvement in a continuously growing industry. A few months later we had a prototype that blew the competition out of the water. We kept tweaking and improving features until the Pikes Peak Rosin Press was born. I am really excited to be forging the way with PurePressure. Rosin is a product that is true to its source and is only growing in popularity.

When I am not at PurePressure, I can be found in the mountains in my massive van that I converted to 4WD for off road adventures and has proven a great second home for powder filled winters. I also like fish and the bugs that catch them. I look forward to leading this new industry with unrivaled innovation and unmatched quality.