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Botana Mobile App Continues to Accelerate Cannabis Cultivation

pest management
Written by Cara Wietstock

Pest management platform and hemp cultivation partnership new to Botana.

Botana is a mobile application that helps a grower keep track of their garden and track progress with beautiful photos. The app launched in a landmark event in San Francisco city this April. Since then, the app reports an 88% growth rate on their data-aggregation platform. Since their San Francisco launch, app engineers at Botana have doubled their cultivation metrics in an effort to finely tailor the user experience and set standards for the best methods available in cannabis cultivation.


The app works by aggregating cultivation metrics in a way that helps growers get the most from their flower. Botana’s mission is to disrupt the current cannabis industry with a transparent platform that will maximize cultivation efficiency and safety. They have catered to this transparency most recently with the launch of the “Bug Tracker”.

pest management

The Bug Tracker allows growers to create their own Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. These programs are built to help a cultivation find the right methods for their crop in managing both pests and disease.


Botana founder Robert Schneider eloquently stated, “Effective pest management requires detailed record keeping. This update increases growers’ ability to monitor problems and to understand which pest prevention measures reduce crop loss.”


In another attempt to widen their reach in the cannabis cultivation sector, Botana has partnered with Mother Plant Company. Mother Plant Company is focused on cultivating medicinal hemp and they will now be using Botana to optimize desired chemical compounds like CBD in their commercial grow operation. This partnership will focus on breeding and genetics. It will also help to set standards for hemp cultivation worldwide in this immensely fragmented industry.


Schneider adds, “Our development team continues to support Botana growers with powerful features for improving crop health and is consistent with our core philosophy of effecting positive change in this maturing market.”

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