Boveda Review: Humidity Controlling Packet

Written by Alex Micalef

This Boveda Review is written by our newest blogger Alex Micalef, owner of Brain Fog.

We had the chance to sit down with VP of Marketing, Dan Cleveland, and Account Executive, Scott Swail from Boveda to gain a better understanding of the humidity control that’s sweeping the Cannabis nation. Read on for this Boveda review and learn all about this awesome product. 

Boveda was founded in 1997 by five individuals in Minnesota. Two of those founders are the co-inventors, Robert Esse, a packaging engineer, and Albert Saari, PhD, a chemist. Both men had recently retired from General Mills at the time that they created the concept. Originally the Boveda packet was developed for a small custom made cigar humidor, they created the world’s first two-way humidity control. Originally named Humidi-Pak, they re-branded to Boveda Inc. in 2012.
Boveda technology works by combining natural salts, water, and a thickening agent inside of a specialized reverse osmosis membrane, allowing a controlled release of purified water vapor or the absorption of ambient humidity to maintain relative humidity (RH) levels within a storage container. Let’s see in this Boveda review if the little packets are all they’re cracked up to be.

The scientific principle is very simple: If you saturate a mixture of natural salts with water, you will have a predetermined RH level. Boveda will work for two to four months depending on the container and frequency of use and has a shelf-life of 2 years.

Since Boveda is a patented technology, no other product can maintain or manage specific humidity levels as precisely. With over ten different RH levels, their products are designed to meet the needs of many industries: Music, Cannabis, Tobacco, Food Storage, and Medical. In addition, all Boveda products are made in the U.S.A.
Boveda was first launched in the premium cigars industry and the musical instruments industry closely followed. Early on, they had consumers repeatedly inform them of their Boveda use for Cannabis storage, and in 2007 they officially started marketing Boveda products in the cannabis industry. Through customer feedback, industry research and lab testing we found that 62% was the ideal RH for cannabis which was introduced in 2011 and then in 2016 we introduced a new 58% RH level pack.  

Boveda provides added value across the entire process from “cure to consumption”. Their in-house research shows that incorporating Boveda packets into an air-tight Cannabis storage container improves terpene retention by 15%.  Additionally, since Cannabis is sold by weight, Boveda provides a fairness to the transaction by stabilizing the water weight retained in the flower – ensuring that transactions are accurate and fair.  This Boveda review is here to say that these are a must have product for anyone involved in cannabis, from the connoisseur to mass production. 
They presently offer four different sizes. The 4-gram pack is suitable for up to 14 grams (1/2 ounce), while the 8-gram pack can be used for up to 28 grams (1 ounce) of Cannabis. For anyone looking to store larger quantities, Boveda offers a 67g pack for up to 454 grams (1lb); and they also have a 320-gram pack that can be stored with 2236 grams (5 lbs) of dried cannabis. Additionally, they let us know that they always have new products on the way.  

The Boveda Size Breakdown:

  4g  =  ½ Ounce (14g)

  8g  =   1 Ounce (28g)

 67g =   1 pound (lb) (454g)

320g =   5 pounds (lbs) (2236g)




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