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Butane Bill May Stop Open Blasting in CA

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Written by Cara Wietstock

EDITOR NOTE: This piece was altered to reflect the policy correctly. If signed, AB1120 will protect legal, compliant butane extractors and the general public. 

Two days ago Assembly Bill 1120 (AB1120) was placed on the desk of California Governor Jerry Brown. The bill was authored by Assemblymembers Jim Cooper and Brian Dahle. If signed it will help ensure that illegal butane labs operating dangerous open blasting systems cease operation.

Many experts say that these extract products -including cannabis labeled as wax, butter, crumble, and more- make up about 60% of the current thriving California cannabis market. Facts like these make butane wax, shatter, and crumble an attractive market, an attraction that has made the black market so robust in the state. This carefully crafted bill is a response to the illegal butane extraction lab explosions that continue to occur, often in residential areas.

If Governor Brown signs AB1120, customer butane purchases will be limited to two cans per month. This simply supplies dabbers with enough butane to fill their torch. With each transaction, consumers would have to enter a database tracking their purchases of the volatile compound. With each purchase, the first and last name, address, DOB, of the customer as well as the time and date of the sale, and the amount of butane purchased will be entered into the state database. These rules do not apply to manufacturers and wholesalers who are compliant with state, city, county, and fire marshal regulations.

This is same purchase and tracking program is used for the compounds commonly used in methamphetamine production. Due to the volatile nature of the gas and the continuing coverage of explosions, it seems fitting that the same legal action be taken against illegal butane extraction laboratories. Furthermore, there are many extraction labs operating with safety as a top concern that blow butane wax every day.

AB1120 is an intelligent bit of policy set in place to protect the public and the butane extractors who are operating safe, compliant laboratories.

EDITOR NOTE: This story was originally published on the California Cannabis Consumer blog, the best place to stay informed on the latest from the state’s industry. 

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