Cannabis Economy in California Persists as Lawmakers Move to Protect the Industry

Written by Cara Wietstock

Senate bill 54 is the latest from California Democrats looking to protect the California cannabis industry.

On January 1, 2018, the lawmakers in Sacramento, California will have to have regulations and rules locked in that will govern the state’s recreational cannabis market. This includes where and how plants can be grown. It must also specify how the state will be tracking their cannabis from seed to sale.


At this point, there is absolutely no room for getting it wrong. With Jeff Sessions‘ views of cannabis and Sean Spicer’s latest announcement, state’s need to protect themselves with well researched efficient laws. The new industry has been projected at $7 billion. This means that California’s state and local governments could collect $1 billion a year in taxes.

With these types of projections in a state that could use the tax income, California lawmakers have taken note. Most recently, with federal spokesmen threatening the cannabis industry, six Democratic legislators have proposed a bill that will restrict the federal government from utilizing state police forces to target the cannabis industry. If the bill passes the feds could utilize state operating law officials for raids against cannabis only with a court order.

The various arms of law enforcement aren’t happy about state government dictating their ability to help out the federal officers. But the six Senators backing the bill believe that this is a necessary step to make the hundreds upon thousands of growers and manufacturers operating in California feel safe enough to file with the state. The California government has a lot to deal with regarding finding a way to organize an economy after it has already developed itself.


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This move by these Senators is meant to instill confidence in the businesses that may think it’s a better idea to stay underground until the Trump administration is ousted. Hopefully this is the first of many moves by state governments to protect the cannabis economy. 



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