California Cannabis Extract Product Review: Rump Wax

Written by Casey Walsh

Rumpelstiltskin Extracts aka Rump Wax are a company that create loud California cannabis extract products. What makes them really special is that the head man in charge is adamant about being a healthy consumer, an active movement taking over the cannabis community.

california cannabis extract

Photo of Rump Wax by @skinz710

After moving from Portland Oregon to Pismo Beach California I found an astonishing difference in the quality of the Cannabis Extracts and Concentrate products available to the medical market. California Cannabis extraction companies seem to be on point, however, some may currently be on standby as they move into new buildings and labs as they prepare for recreational processing regulations. I wanted to share my Cannabis experience within California’s Central Coast, and provide some insight after 7 months of living in delivery service graceland with a prop 215 recommendation.

My Experience with Rump Wax

Mi-Care Meds were the first delivery that actually honored my doctor’s recommendation. On that delivery I got 2.5  grams of Rumpelstiltskin Single Solvent Dewaxed Shatter among some CO2 distillate and flower. Overall I was very impressed, especially with the Vin Diesel Rump Wax. Ever since that day I have been a huge fan of Rumpelstiltskin Extracts because of the pure flavor and reliable potency. These qualities are due to Rump’s selectiveness of start product, and that his extracts always get a full 24-hour dewaxing before 96 hours in the vacuum oven. This process ensures a 99.99% residual free downstream product. The lipids that typically makes up for ¼ or more of most Budders and Crumbles are completely removed from a Rumpelstiltskin extract before it is set in the vacuum oven for purging. This transparent glass-like extract has a subtle aroma when the parchment paper opens up, but when it is dabbed at a low temperature it releases its terpene profile which is encapsulated within the rock hard shatter that Rump and his lab produce time and time again. I tried his Motor Breath Shatter yesterday, and it is everything the name says it is. Straight Gas.

Just recently I was able to catch up with Rump and he made it clear that he really wants to start giving back to the community. He and I both agreed that dabbing THC all day is not a very healthy way to live, especially for those who aren’t naturally inclined to be physically active. He explained to me that vaporizing THC via dabs can cause breathing complications, lipid pneumonia,  anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses that can lead to serious health issues for the future. I couldn’t help but sense small amounts of guilt from Rump as he talked about the health of our youth and future of the Cannabis Industry.  He agreed that taking dabs is a fun and effective way of using Cannabinoids, but advises the community that “THC Overdose” is real, especially when using highly concentrated products that average over 80% in THC.  We also now know that when consumers are vaporizing non-winterized extracts like wax, and rosin that you are inhaling between 5-30% lipids which can be potentially dangerous when built up in your lungs. This is caused by repetitive consumption of fats in forms of a vapor and smoke. Doctors are known to diagnose this as Lipid Pneumonia.

Rump wants everyone to know where he stands on the product that has made him a legend throughout the California cannabis extract community. Rump exclaimed that dabbing is not worth your health, so he asks that everyone please choose moderation and stay active as much as possible. Do not forfeit your health just in order to, “get high” and that you will regret not easing off the gas later in life. Essentially, work hard and reward yourself accordingly.

california cannabis extract

But if you do choose to dab, Rumpelstiltskin Extracts are the best way to go for a clean, tasty, and potent California cannabis extract.

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