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California Wildfires Devastate Cannabis Farms

Written by Cara Wietstock

Harvest season is here, but instead of trimming until their scissors make hash some farmers are evacuating due to looming wildfires. As this week began, so did the firestorm. And some of California’s cannabis farmers are unfortunately being caught in the flames. If they aren’t watching their crop, and in some cases their entire farm, engulfed in ash they’re still looking at damage. One major issue that is arising as $2 million crops are being incinerated in less than a day is that cannabis farmers cannot get insurance like other industries in the Sonoma county area. Those that can find an insurer are provided with the thinnest possible plan.

This is an especially hard blow following a year of preparing for a strict new legal landscape in the state. Those farmers who chose to comply have invested thousands upon thousands bringing their cultivations up to code. Now they face uncertainty, but the community is a tight one and they are moving to action to help one another. Bloom Farms Founder and CEO Michael Ray told Forbes, “We all need to take care of each other. We are mobilizing and coordinating efforts in the cannabis community to provide any relief that we can in this terribly sad time.”

On top of this travesty, the smoke from these fires that are ravaging a majority of California is being absorbed by the rest of the cannabis flowers in the state. Meaning it is highly likely that they won’t pass the rigid action levels set by the state. Even so, the focus remains on keeping everyone safe and helping those in need. Currently a total of 180,000 acres have burned and 31 lives have been lost.

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Also, for those attending the New West Summit, there will be a raffle tomorrow October 14. Proceeds will be donated to the victims of these fires.

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