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Cannabis Consumption Stigma: Van Der Pop 2017 Survey

cannabis consumption
Written by Cara Wietstock

Van Der Pop wants to end the cannabis consumption stigma amongst women, but first, they’re looking to know what women actually need.

In September of 2017, Van Der Pop worked in conjunction with Canadian Viewpoint Inc. (CVI) surveying 1,530 women in the North American continents of Canada and the United States (US). They focused on surveying women who either used or had interest in using cannabis. Women were over 19 years old in Canada (527) and over 21 in the US(1003). Questions on the survey implored women regarding their reasons for consumption, specific cannabis consumption behavior, and the general attitudes, perceptions, and forward-looking thoughts on the plant.

cannabis consumption

One very interesting aspect of the survey is that a whopping 78% of women don’t know how or where to turn for valuable educational information about cannabis consumption. When they do attempt to learn more about how to use it or what products to buy about 36% of women look online while another 30% opt for asking family or friends.  Only 10% of these women, three-fourths of which are using cannabis medicinally in some form, feel comfortable going to their medical professional with cannabis-related questions.

Van Der Pop’s ‘Women and Weed’ survey also explored how mothers are utilizing cannabis. For example, 41% of the mothers polled agree that smoking cannabis allows them to exercise more patience and playfulness with their children. Another whopping 89% of women with children in the home already plan to speak to them about how to safely use cannabis and when it would be appropriate for them. Almost half of these “cannabis mothers” expressed that they’d prefer their children experiment with cannabis over alcohol.

These are just a few of the many very relevant statistics made available from this gender-specific cannabis consumption survey. Van Der Pop’s mission is to normalize cannabis consumption for women and mothers, this survey is just one step in understanding what women need from the industry in order to safely consume.

Learn more about what Van Der Pop and CVI found by reading the full results of the survey.

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