Cannabis Cultivation in Colombia

cannabis cultivation
Written by Cara Wietstock

CannaVida is excited to announce that they’re licensed for cannabis cultivation, production, and distribution.

The medically minded cannabis company is based in Barichara, Colombia. They also operate under a partnership with Toronto-based Canadian executive management team. The company is proud to announce that they have received their third and final requisite license to begin medical cannabis cultivation, production, domestic distribution, and exportation on a global scale.

“CannaVida’s mission is to drive normalization of this medicine through the education of patients and health care practitioners, and by making it as affordable and readily accessible.” says Ron Marzel, CEO of CannaVida.

cannabis cultivation

The CannaVida Team

Along with this news, CannaVida has also received their permit to commence construction of the 450,000 square foot cannabis campus. The company will start producing high and low THC products on this 18-hectare facility being planned in a secure area of Santander. A campus that they believe to be the first of its kind. The cannabis cultivation property will be fully outfitted with cGMP-certified processing and extraction lab to stabilize a vertical workflow.

Marzel Continued, “Accessibility to efficacious medicine should be a fundamental right – not a privilege. Finally obtaining the most crucial license this week has brought us one step closer to realizing our vision,”

Those at CannaVida have been trailblazing for medical cannabis since the culmination of the movement in the country. They were the first to register with the Colombian Fundo Nacional de Estupefacientes and just the second to be issued a Cannabis Manufacturing and Export license by Colombia’s Ministry of Health. The company plans to utilize their extensive pharmaceutical distribution partners to become a world leader in trustworthy, affordable cannabis medicine.

“The antiquated political and social stigmas surrounding cannabis will soon be debunked as we move full force ahead in our relentless pursuit to improve the lives of countless patients globally.” Marzel passionately concluded.

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