Evolab Appoints New CEO

Written by Cara Wietstock

With products currently found in Colorado, California, and Kansas; Evolab is truly making a name for themselves in American cannabis. At the end of August the extraction company announced that they appointed a new Chief Executive Officer. Nicole Smith offers 20 years of business development and global marketing experience to the strong team at Evolab.

“Evolab has established a set of unique and innovative processes – not just for extracting and purifying the best cannabis oils in the industry – but also for crafting potent, functional products that exceed consumer expectations,” said Smith, “I’m excited to work with the Evolab team to help expand this core technology into more product lines and markets.”

Before working at Evolab Smith was co-founder and CEO of Mary’s Medicinals. Since their founding this company has expanded into multiple states and won over 15 awards for their marketing and innovation. She also holds the first U.S. patent for innovation in design with the development of the first transdermal products. This experience is attractive to Evolab as they prepare to take on the ever changing global market with new products and development in cannabis.

“Nicole’s experience and expertise will help take Evolab to the next level in the national cannabis market,” said Noel Palmer, Ph.D., chief scientist, Evolab. “Since I joined the Evolab team earlier this year, we’ve developed new products and technology solutions that offer approaches unavailable anywhere else.”

Palmer and Smith have worked together in the past and both are highly qualified to take on the task at hand. Evolabs is currently developing CBx Sciences which will cover everything from sourcing new genetics to developing a product distribution plan at a global level. The team believes that Smith is the missing piece to the realization of this vision, and that is why the board has appointed her CEO of this magnificent publication.

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