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Cannabis Growers Love Elev8 Seeds

cannabis growers
Written by Cara Wietstock

Cannabis growers always look for the best in seed companies.

Long ago there was a time when cannabis seeds were only available from a select few vendors in the Netherlands. This is no longer the case. There are now seedbanks in legal countries and states throughout the world. Buy seeds that are guaranteed feminized or even auto flowering. Even get seeds of the top strains right now like Gorilla Glue, Tangerine Cookies, and Zkittlez. One great seed company is Elev8 Seeds based out of British Columbia, Canada.

cannabis growers

Elev8 Seeds was founded with the mission of providing cannabis growers with seeds that will grow the world’s most coveted strains. The operate using a three-fold strategy.


  1. The team at Elev8 noticed that it was getting hard to find classic strains like UK Cheese or Sour Diesel. It is important to backcross the original strain to keep the original genetics strong and not watered down. Backcrossing a strain can help to preserve the original genetics. This doesn’t only help to keep the classics alive. It also ensures that hybrids will be stronger and more potent.


  1. They also aim to recreate and provide the best representation of clone-only strains in seed form. When new strains like Gorilla Glue, or even Blue Dream back in the day, hit the scene every grower is looking to get their hands on the genetics. Elev8 recreates the genetic makeup of trending strains using identical back genetics and other methods. Then they are able to provide seeds that can grow similar flowers.


  1. Last but certainly not least, Elev8 hopes to continue creating new strains to fill a market need. When breeding new strains, master growers at Elev8 breed for better yields, terpene content, and potency. They aren’t just putting two strains together and calling it ‘the next Blue Dream’. If a strain isn’t working, they will reach out to their extensive network of growers to find a more stable base genetic.


cannabis growers

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Elev8 Seeds is one of many seed banks offering high end cannabis genetics. What sets them apart is how they strive to create the best genetics available today. Check out more on their website and learn about their three step process to cannabis breeding perfection.

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