Cannabis Infused Vegan Tiramisu

cannabis infused
Written by luis Narciso
This cannabis infused recipe can be made with regular milk and by omitting the dried cannabis from the cookie.

Cannabis infused Vegan Tiramisu with Zesty Lemon Herbal Spelt Crust 


100 g Spelt flour
20 g Chuffa flour
3.5 g finely ground cannabis flower (decarboxylate prior to baking)
25 g Coconut oil in solid form
2 TB apple concentrate
2 TB maple syrup
1 TB rice syrup
1 full tcf sp sodium bicarbonate
Pinch salt flower
Pinch or 5 drops Vanilla powder or extract
Cannabis or extract (as needed)
2 drops food-grade organic Lemon essential oil

Cream Layer:

100 ml water
100 ml cannabis infused almond milk
100 ml rice or almond cream
1 tsp agar powder (powder dissolves easier than flakes but both work)
4 TB spoons rice syrup
1 TB Corn starch
Pinch salt flower
5 drops Vanilla extract
cannabis infused


Mix the dry ingredients with ground cannabis flowers in a kitchen robot or with a spoon by hand.
Add the oil, apple concentrate, rice syrup, Cannabis extract, lemon essential oil. Work the dough for 2 minutes in the kitchen robot on dough mode or by hand. It should come out non sticking from the cup walls and your hands.
Spread flour on a clean surface and work the dough with a roll and cut circles with the same diameter of the cup being used to serve your tiramisu. 3 cookies per cup. No more than 3 mm tall unless you want a thicker cookie. The cookie will grow in diameter, trim the cup size again before hardening (after about 15 minutes).
Bake them on a tray covered with parchment paper at 180ºC for around 15min. Turn off the oven. Check diameter and trim with the cup or same size mold again if needed. Now put them inside the still hot (but already turned off) oven again to ensure they’re crispy without over-browning them.

Cream Layer:

Boil water with agar powder and salt for 2 min. 5 min if it’s flakes and not powder. Blend the milk and starch before adding to the cream. Add the syrup and vanilla. Cook for another 2 min constantly stirring with a wooden spoon until thickened.
Infuse cookies in strong coffee by placing them into the coffee to soak. Don’t oversoak. Arrange 4 layers of the custard, each intermediated with the 1 cookie.
Chill for 3-4 hours or until custard is set. Sprinkle with cocoa powder when serving.

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luis Narciso

Luís Narciso from Lisbon - Portugal is a vegan chef and macrobiotic oriented counselor, humanist, activist for intellectual freedom and choice, for Nature (and natural ways to keep balanced and heal), for human and animal rights... For empathy. Most of all he is a cannabis advocate

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