Therapy Tonics Indian Spiced Chai Cannabis Latte Review

Written by Casey Walsh

I must admit I hadn’t heard of Therapy Tonics until I received a small crafty looking cardboard box with a sticker logo that reads Therapy, Tonics & Provisions, Good For The Soul, All Natural. Inside was an Indian Spiced Chai Cannabis Latte that immediately caught my eye. 

Right away I was excited to see what was packed into this 8×6 inch box with such a seemingly therapeutic guarantee. When I opened it up saw a beautiful bedding of straw length, earth-toned confetti and 5 small bottles accurately labeled, “Therapy” at the top.  I was very intrigued by the child-proof packaging on the sip-sized 1oz sample bottle of Indian Spiced Chai Cannabis Latte infused with cannabis Sativa that reads on the label ‘keep chilled at all times’. This particular flavor contains milk, but I know that part of the line is Vegan. I have always anticipated the moment when I can enjoy two of my most favorite things on this planet simultaneously: Coffee and Cannabis.

This is an adult coffee beverage that makes me almost instantly happy and stimulates my brain without wearing me out and feeling groggy later in the day. The flavors of the Indian spiced latte are robust and true to the exotic spices that make up the best Chai teas. Therapy Tonics mulls the ingredients together in a proprietary 8-step process that delivers a cannabis milk product that isn’t grainy and doesn’t leave any weird film in our mouths. I took the 1oz shot yesterday morning after waking up around 7:30 am, the instant buzz was amazing as it combined with my morning iced coffee. It is obvious that the recipes at Therapy Tonics are made with flavor and efficacy in mind. 

Synopsis: Delicious!!! I had an excellent day at work yesterday, and truly wish I had one of these for every day of the work week.

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Casey Walsh

I was born in San Mateo, California but grew up in Portland, Oregon. I have always had a passion for cannabis and its capabilities to heal and help reduce anxiety. I moved to LA when I was in my mid 20s where I worked in television production for 2 years, but my passion was still in cannabis. I soon returned to Portland hoping to get back in touch with my roots and cannabis connections. It was then that I started Miyagi Extracts in Oregon with two of my best friends and never looked back. Eventually I moved on to work for another legal concentrate company in SE Portland where I processed using Sub Zero light hydrocarbon closed loop extractors, Julabo rotary evaporators, and a Pope Scientific Short Path Wiped Film Molecular still for separation of Terpenes, Cannabinoids, and undesirables. I currently work as an extraction account executive for Terpenes and Testing Magazine and do product sales for and extraction company called CEID who are based out of San Diego CA.

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