Cannabis Research on the Horizon

Written by Cara Wietstock

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) has officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Care Pharmaceutical Corp and CK Sciences. The focus of the MOU is to research and develop safer pharmaceutical cannabis-based products. They will also move these products through clinical trials using FDA guidelines. We spoke with Tracy Ryan, CEO & Founder of CK Sciences about what to expect from this exciting new venture.

“Initially we will work to isolate terpene profiles to find combinations that work most effectively for specific indications. What we have found in research, both scientific and anecdotal, is that terpenes play a huge role in alleviating specific issues such as pain, rage, focus issues, sleeplessness, anxiety, and more serious issues like cancer and epilepsy. Having that ideal combination is paramount when working towards a patient’s ultimate goal of healing,” explained Tracy Ryan, CEO & Founder of CK Sciences.

Cure Pharmaceutical, CK Sciences, and Shimadzu will be uncovering and profiling the “Entourage Effect” as it pertains to a range of conditions. The organizations involved will be using Shimadzu’s Cannabis Analyzer for Potency, a HPLC specifically designed for quantitative determination of cannabinoid content, and a headspace GC MS for terpene profiling. All laboratory personnel will be trained by Shimadzu, who will serve as the main point of contact for all technical support. All of this will hopefully converge to validate cannabis as a viable pharmaceutical treatment.

As Ryan explained, the project is focused on several conditions. The first trial that they will be planning covers end-of-life pain for children who are no longer responding to opioids. Ryan also informed us of the next few trials, one which will look into relief from pain as a direct result of Cancer and a third will delve into the role of the ECS in children with Autism. These trials could be accepting patients in as little as one year from now, planning human trials is no easy feat but this team is ready to take on the job.

“We will continue to make announcements so the community knows when we have published this data,” said Ryan. “Our goal is to move as quickly as this process will allow, but it’s an arduous one that involves many hurdles.”

Shimadzu was founded in 1875 and is now a $3 billion multinational corporation with focuses on Medical Diagnostics, Aerospace/Industrial, and Analytical Instruments. SSI has more than 50 locations providing regional and local sales, service and technical support to ensure that the hard work done by CK Sciences proves fruitful.

“The emerging pharmaceutical cannabis market requires dedicated, thoughtful leaders eager to showcase the pharmaceutical benefits of cannabis on a scientific level,” said Bob Clifford, Ph.D., General Manager of Marketing, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments. “The Cure/CK Sciences group has continuously demonstrated such a leadership commitment, and we’re excited about the opportunities this agreement provides.”

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