Cannabis Science Events: CannMed 2017

cannabis science
Written by Cara Wietstock

CannMed is one of the most informative cannabis science events in the country, and it is just around the corner.

In less than a month CannMed 2017 conference will take place at Harvard Medical School. The event is unlike any other and is hosted by Courtagen Life Sciences and Medicinal Genomics. CannMed will focus on medical cannabis science through a couple of cannabinoid specific topics.

Cannabis science

This year CannMed is focused on:

  • Treating Cancer with Cannabis
  • Developments in Molecular Science and Genetics
  • Treating Neurological Disorders with Cannabis
  • Cannabis Safety Testing
  • Treating Inflammatory Disorders with Cannabis
  • Regulatory Challenges and Recommendations


Though not all of the speakers have been announced, we’re excited about everyone who is currently listed.

Raphael Mechoulam is professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalum in Israel. He will be speaking at this cannabis science event about various topics relevant to his recent research. Among these are endocannabinoids as endogenous neuroprotective agents, the CB2 cannabinoid receptors as part of a general protective system, and acyl fatty acids as novel endocannabinoid-like compounds. He will also address CBD as a novel therapeutic entity. At the moment in his laboratory Dr. Mechoulam is studying the structure elucidation, isolation, and synthesis of endogenous cannabinoids. They are also researching novel compounds that can be tested as drugs against cancer, high blood pressure, inflammation, and pain.

Another phenomenal speaker is Dr. Bonni Goldstein who has successfully treated a number of patients with medical cannabis. Her talk at this cannabis science event will center around actual stories about patients who have gone from suffering from a chronic illness to feeling in good health. Recently, Dr. Goldstein wrote the book Cannabis Revealed: How the world’s most misunderstood plant is treating everything from chronic pain to epilepsy. Her main focuses in her practice center around treating children for epilepsy, autism, and advanced cancers as well as adults suffering from autoimmune illness, chronic pain, or another endocannabinoid deficiency disorder.

cannabis science

Dr. Bonni Goldstein at CannMed 2016

These are just two of many speakers who will round out the all-star cast at CannMed 2017. Aside from presenters the whole cannabis science event kicks off at an opening dinner with lab tours of Courtagen’s offices. Guests will also enjoy sporadically placed networking events to take full advantage of the diverse guest list at CannMed this year.

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