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cannabis testing lab
Written by Cara Wietstock

Recently we were at the Imperious Expo in Pheonix, Arizona. Aside from being an informative, exciting event. It was also a great opportunity to network alongside the finest in Arizona cannabis. Among them was Erin representing Desert Valley Testing, a top tier cannabis testing lab. They are a member of the ACCL and are capable of testing for a vast number of terpenes.

Desert Valley Testing (DVT) operates out of Arizona. Currently, they’re one of the most prestigious cannabis testing labs in the state. The testing lab was set up using the laws and regulations governed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for testing lab compliance. They have built a stellar reputation in the Arizona cannabis industry. After we spoke to Erin we learned that the chemists and support staff at DVT are comprised entirely of women.

cannabis testing lab

Each of these women has a background in analytical testing and training in cannabis. The chemists at DVT use science-based methods to test for cannabinoid potency, terpenes, residual solvents, and visible mold. They also partner at local laboratories to analyze samples for pesticides, heavy metals, growth regulators, DNA profiling, and spore count analysis.

DVT chemists use an Agilent 6890 5973 MSD GC-MS alongside liquid and headspace autosamplers for residual terpenes and solvents. To test for potency, DVT uses an Agilent 1100 HPLC. The laboratory was set up by Tabitha who has extensive experience with GC, GCMS, and HPLC. The team at this cannabis testing lab has an impressive background in chemistry and laboratory experience.

To operate at the highest possible standards DVT stays open for laboratory tours, audits, and reviews of any of their services. Arizona state still doesn’t require any testing of cannabis products, but patients demand transparency and test results are a gateway to a transparent cannabis business. The transparent air around DVT is just the cherry on top of this Arizona cannabis testing lab. What’s better than supporting woman-run businesses. 😉


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