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Testing Lab President to Speak At SECC

Written by Cara Wietstock

The Southeast Cannabis Conference begins today (July 9) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This business-to-business cannabis event, sponsored by WeedMaps, will bring together experts at every level of the industry. With a focus on the cannabis industry of tomorrow, this year’s SECC + Expo will explore the coming flood of changes to Southeast cannabis policy in the coming years. Now they have confirmed a presence from a prominent cannabis testing lab.

Digipath, Inc., an independent laboratory, and media firm based in Nevada announced that President Todd Denkin will be speaking on the third day at SECC. Denkin will be presenting a session entitled, Cannabis Testing, Safety & Analytics. In this session, he will run through the vital role of a cannabis testing lab in the emerging cannabis sector, and how that cultivating that relationship will serve the consumer.

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The conglomerate supports approved testing lab practices while also delivering cannabis news coverage and education through their two companies. Digipath Labs use FDA-compliant laboratory equipment and standard operating procedures to produce effective, safe, reliable potency and contamination test results on all types of cannabis products. The other half of Digipath, Inc is TNM News Corp. Through TNM, Digipath, Inc. launched The National Marijuana News to report on the latest news, trends, and education within the industry.

Mr. Denkin commented, “Cannabis lab testing is evolving from traditional potency and pesticide testing to a focus on strain identification, data analytics and ultimately consumer protection.  Cannabis consumers should have full confidence in the ‘health’ of the cannabis products they are consuming as well as full transparency on the specific strains and products that they are buying.”

With their knowledge in the cannabis space and their ability to assess and deliver concise reporting, Digipath is a great fit to speak at this groundbreaking Florida cannabis expo. Learn how to get tickets or what other speakers will be gracing the stages and expo floor by visiting the Southeast Cannabis Conference website.

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