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cannabis testing lab
Written by Cara Wietstock

In a previous Terpenes and Testing online story we reported that there may be foul play afoot with Peak Analytics laboratory based in Bellingham, Washington. Original reports claimed that there were gross inaccuracies coming out of the lab which led to some comparison between other labs. The results from Peak were found to be inconsistent with results from top cannabis testing labs in the state.

On July 26, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) officially revoked Peak Analytics’ lab certificate. Peak was audited by the RJ Lee Group, the Group found some serious need for improvement at the Washington state laboratory. Peak Analytics showed multiple deficiencies that need be corrected before they can be considered to get their temporarily suspended license back. For a long time, the laboratory has been accused of skewing test results for passing grades despite accuracy. Now, the WSLCB is tasked with figuring out what to do with the product on shelves in dispensaries around Washington State.

Straight Line Analytics, managed by scientist Jim MacRae, obviously had something to say on the matter. In fact, MacRae sent a note to the Liquor Board asking that they pull all product tested by Peak cannabis testing lab. In MacRae’s astute opinion, a product that was inaccurately tested at Peak could harm one of the many people who buy cannabis in Retail Access Points around the state.

If these customers are purchasing for medical use to treat a condition that also causes a compromised immune system, they could be in real danger if they purchase cannabis that is not actually as clean (or potent) as it is labeled. The problem with pulling all of these products from shelves is that Peak Analytics tests the majority of the products in the city of Bellingham. A full recall of anything that came through this cannabis testing lab would put a huge black mark on the industry and jobs within it in the Northwestern Washington.

Even more present is the issue of how this negligent testing was allowed to go on so long when the industry should be diligently run by the LCB. The LCB has yet to issue any information on how they will protect the public from something like this in the future.

When Peak Analytics was asked for comment on the matter, Leafly received the following generic response from Peak Analytics Laboratory. “Peak Analytics is working closely with the RJ Lee Group to address and correct the findings as quickly as possible. We greatly appreciate the continued support we have received from our colleagues and are confident that this is just a bump in the road and we will make it through stronger than ever!”

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