Cannabis Testing with EVIO Labs

As the cannabis industry matures and new markets emerge, regulations and lab testing requirements remain in flux. While the states’ intention is to increase consumer safety and standardization, the process of introducing testing requirements in phases can be problematic, as many products remaining on dispensary shelves do not meet the standards of the heightened regulations.

In February 2017, physicians from the University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento incorporated medicinal cannabis into a cancer patient’s wellness plan that ultimately passed away from a rare fungal infection that were later traced back to a fungus brought on by the cannabis products. While the seemingly simple solution would be to use pesticides that prevent the deadly fungi, many of those chemicals become unsafe when they are inhaled, even if they have been deemed safe for edible crops.

While “clean” Cannabis is generally considered safe, it can be contaminated with harmful toxins, microbes, molds, or residual pesticides. According to the Cannabis Industry Association, only 5% of product for sale in California is tested for consumer safety, while other reports predict that half of the Cannabis product grown is contaminated with dangerous bacteria and residual chemicals.

“Gone are the days of using cannabis testing for the sole purpose of marketing high potency products. Consumer safety is our number one priority,” said William Waldrop, Co-founder and CEO of EVIO Labs, a leading provider of cannabis-testing and scientific research for the regulated cannabis industry. “Our company is built on the foundation of a strong team of accomplished scientific professionals all committed to ensuring that as the cannabis industry grows, consumers are receiving consistent and safe products.”

EVIO Labs provides accredited full-spectrum, high-quality cannabis testing and consulting services. EVIO operates a network of licensed, or soon-to-be licensed, testing centers throughout the United States, including Oregon, Massachusetts, Colorado, California and Florida.

EVIO not only provides full-spectrum testing services, but also offers consultation, research and development, and product formulation services. Because the testing landscape is not straightforward, navigating through the minefields can be a tricky venture. While many high-quality testing labs are available, it doesn’t mean that all of them will perform consistently to the highest level of accuracy.

EVIO Labs has completed the tedious process of obtaining ISO 17025 accreditation which included a thorough review of their quality management system, and their capability to perform potency and contaminant testing for cannabis products.

“It is important to operate a Quality Assurance System that validates test results and, therefore, provides confidence to end-users that the test results they receive are reliable,” said Dr. Anthony Smith, Chief Science Officer of EVIO Labs. “This is an especially important consideration for multi-state Cannabis growers and product manufacturers. One way they can do this, is to achieve advanced accreditation.”

Dr. Smith joined the EVIO team with more than 15 years of experience in natural product research and development, quality assurance, GMP manufacturing, and analytical chemistry.

He serves on the scientific advisory board for the Health Research Institute and has been appointed Governor of Oregon’s Task Force on Researching the Medicinal and Public Health Properties of Cannabis.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the cannabis testing industry has evolved from simply testing for potency to now testing for consumer safety as well. As more and more states begin to implement laws and requirements for compliance, it’s important to not only work to understand those requirements, but to also work to understand your testing lab. Having an open relationship with the testing lab is the first step.

About EVIO Labs:

EVIO Labs uses a commercial safety approach in focusing on analyzing cannabis products for consumer safety and state compliance. Nationwide, accredited testing facilities serve the cannabis industry in helping to ensure quality and safety of the nation’s cannabis supply. For more information on EVIO Labs, visit


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