Cannabis To Be Sold Over the Counter in Uruguay

Written by Cara Wietstock

Uruguay has been a pioneer in the journey of cannabis legalization and they continue to fortify that notion with their latest ruling. By July, Uruguay will sell flowers in pharmacies over-the-counter for recreational use. The legislation was set in motion in 2013 with a law that legalized cannabis trade.

Buyers will have to sign up with a national registry that will be up and running until May 2. Those who register must be Uruguayan citizens or permanent residents. They can purchase up to 40 grams of dried flower per month at a price of $1.30 per gram. All of the product sold will be grown in state-supervised fields. Under this law cannabis users are also welcome to grow their own plants at home. They are also welcome to joint cooperative clubs that will grow it for them.


There have been some snags in the legislation. Uruguayans have been reluctant to sign up for the national registry. They are worried about invasion of privacy and sticking to monthly limits. Pharmacists are also reluctant because they don’t see financial benefit in selling a cost-controlled product. Currently the government has signed with 16 pharmacies, but they are hoping to sign up more. They are expecting an onslaught of signups soon. There is also to be a public campaign just before the cannabis registry opens.

Uruguay is the first country in the world to legalize cannabis to be sold recreationally in pharmacies. It has been a long road for cannabis in this South American country, but Uruguay is finally setting history with this landmark move. We will keep an eye on this story as it unfolds. It will surely be a stretch for cannabis users to feel comfortable signing up for a national registry. Do you think that this will take off?

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