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Written by Jim Duncan

There’s a significant problem with the Cannabis industry today, however it’s rather difficult to detect. While investors now have myriad opportunities for immense financial gain investing within the industry, there are very few trusted and reliable investment resources available to the public.

This is the exact niche that has been identified by the folks at Cannin. Co-founded by two Cannabis Industry veterans from Denver, Colorado, Cannin has positioned itself to become the #1 investment resource for the latest, most trusted information about the cannabis industry. Cannin provides breaking market and regulatory news alongside comprehensive analyses to navigate through the volatile landscape of cannabis investments.

Cannin’s team of industry experts, software engineers, journalists, and seasoned market analysts deliver the latest industry news, comprehensive weekly updates, stock tips, interactive technical indicator tools and in-depth quarterly market research. These resources provide all Cannin members with the tools to identify and determine the best investment opportunities available in both domestic and international markets.

Whether you’re brand new to the industry or a seasoned cannabis investor, Cannin makes investing as easy as possible for everyone. Cannin aims to encourage and empower members to “become their own experts” utilizing a comprehensive suite of proprietary investment tools and expert analysis.

Visit and subscribe today to the only resource dedicated to navigating you through the cannabis industry’s volatile landscape.

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