The Future of Greenhouse Growing

Written by Asia Mayfield

Cannabis cultivators are intensely interested in greenhouse growing. It eliminates the risks associated with outside cultivation and is often substantially cheaper than traditional indoor grow rooms. A greenhouse is particularly useful for amateur growers but established companies are evaluating them as well.

In the past, people used greenhouses to cultivate their cannabis, in part, because of the protection it provided from prying eyes. Harsh government rules scared people into hiding. Now that those restrictions are being relaxed in droves, growers can cultivate their crops using conditions deemed best for the plants, without the fear of who’s watching.

Some cultivators like the idea of greenhouse-grown cannabis because it relies on natural sunlight. One of the beauties of cannabis is that unlike some other mind-altering substances, it’s not created in laboratory. It’s part of nature. Growing cannabis completely outdoors, however, exposes the fragile buds to the vagaries of the weather.

Professional growers are turning toward greenhouses for different reasons. Their main motivation revolves around the cost. A high-quality, completely indoor grow room is a massive endeavor.

The drive to produce superior cannabis at a reasonable cost is so strong that a rapid evolution is underway. Companies are improving the ancient greenhouse model. Ceres Greenhouse Solutions created an automated cannabis greenhouse that eschews outside air in favor of precise controls.

A so-called “closed” greenhouse is often preferred by professionals because it retains the benefits of the set-up while mitigating some of the drawbacks. Structures that are exposed to outside air can’t be fully secured against mold, debris, and other contaminants. For this reason, the newer greenhouse designs that cultivators are using are completely sealed.

Of course, nothing is perfect. Seal any confined space for an extended period of time and you’ll have to deal with excessive heat, humidity, and possible odors. Companies are trying to control those issues but each fix increases the cost of the operation.

Cannabis greenhouses are following two distinct paths. Home-growers are sticking to methods that were perfected in the 13th century while professionals are moving toward more advanced models.

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