What States Can I Home Grow Cannabis In? Part 3

Written by Heather Ritchie

Continuing on, we’re finishing up our discussion on the states where you can home grow cannabis.

New Mexico

Patients that qualify may obtain a license to grow their own medicinal cannabis. They may cultivate up to twelve seedlings and four mature plants. The license must be kept near the cultivation area.


Oregonians, 21 years of age and older, may have four plants per residence. Registered patients may have six mature plants. These plants can only be grown at a registered cultivation site. Oregon Medical Marijuana Program growers and caregivers may not grow cannabis for more than four patients at a time. They can only grow six plants per patient.

Rhode Island

Registered medical patients in Rhode Island may possess twelve mature cannabis plants and 2.5 oz. of useable cannabis. The plants must be kept in an indoor facility. Registered caregivers may have the same amount of cannabis for each patient that they care for and who they are connected to by registration.


Patients registered in Vermont may possess and grow up to two mature cannabis plants and seven immature plants. Caregivers may cultivate the same amount of cannabis and must be designated as the patient’s caregiver. The total amount of cannabis possessed between the patient, and the caregiver must not exceed the total possession limit.


Qualified patients in Washington may cultivate no more than six cannabis plants at their residence for medical use. They may also have eight ounces of useable cannabis from their own plants. Physicians may determine that the patient requires higher amounts and may give permission for the patient to possess up to sixteen ounces of useable cannabis and fifteen plants.

Registered patients are also allowed to purchase seeds or clones at medically-endorsed facilities. Adults that aren’t registered patients cannot grow cannabis.

These are the current laws on home growing cannabis in the United States. Make sure you understand your state’s laws before you attempt cultivating your own plants.

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