What States Can I Home Grow Cannabis In? Part 1

Written by Heather Ritchie

As additional states legalize adult and medical use cannabis,many states have adopted separate laws and regulations for each. It’s difficult for either type of cannabis user to navigate the overwhelming sea of their state’s specific laws so that they avoid criminal violations.

Here we present the first in a series of articles which identifies states allowing cannabis users to grow their own plants.


In Alaska, adults over 21 years old may grow a total of six cannabis plants,with no more than three being mature.


Arizona allows qualified patients or their caregivers to grow up to 12 cannabis plants. This only pertains to patients living over 25 miles away from the closest dispensary.Patients can only grow cannabis in locked or enclosed areas like greenhouses or closets having security only accessible by the patient.


In California, recreational users over 21 years old are allowed to cultivate no more than six plants at their residence. Medical cannabis patients or their caregivers may grow no more than six mature plants, or twelve immature plants.


Colorado residents over 21 years old may cultivate no more than six cannabis plants per individual and no more than three of those can be mature plants. As of January 1, 2018,no residence may have more than 12 plants, regardless of how many of adults reside there. No homegrown cannabis, or cannabis-derived products made from plants grown at home,can be sold to other people.

They also have specific regulations that home growers must meet. The cannabis plants must be kept in locked and enclosed areas where they can’t be seen openly. Homes that have occupants under the age of 21 must keep the cannabis in areas that minors can’t access. Those homes without residents under the age of 21 must ensure that visiting minors can’t access the plants.


Hawaii allows registered medical cannabis patients to cultivate plants, but only seven of them. Patients can only possess four ounces. of consumable cannabis. After December 31, 2018, caregivers are no longer allowed to cultivate medical cannabis for the patient unless that patient is underage with no access to a dispensary per Act 241.

Washington, D.C.

People over 21 years old can legally cultivate six cannabis plants within their residence as long as only three of them are flowering or mature.


If you didn’t see your state listed, don’t despair! The list continues next week.

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