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Quick Cannabis: Dissolvable Cannabinoids Make Consumption

Written by Nicholas Demski

How powders have diversified the consumption process and revolutionized the health and wellness industry.

Do you remember a time when you woke up a little late and didn’t have time to turn on the coffee machine, wait for it to make your coffee, and drink it before you got out the door for work?

I don’t. That’s because for my entire adult life, instant coffee packets have existed.

If I wake up a little late, it takes me 30 seconds to heat my water in the microwave and 10 seconds to stir in the coffee.

That’s the step-up that instant coffee has over any other type.

In the cannabis industry, a similar product exists: dissolvable cannabinoids.

Figure 1. Who has time for this?

Dissolvable Cannabinoids Have Changed Everything

Not everybody loves the taste of cannabis. Customers’ taste preferences dictate that companies create flavorful products for oral consumption.

The industry currently has no problem producing flavorful products.Cannabinoids integrate well with fats and oils, which makes them ideal for edibles.

However, as people are becoming more health conscious–even within the cannabis industry–demand for fat-free and healthy consumer options has gone up.1

That’s where dissolvable cannabinoids stepped in.

Cannabinoid Products that Blend with Water

Creating a hydrophilic product was the start of a new direction in the cannabis industry. With this powder, it’s possible to create a whole new range of health-conscious, edible products.

Beverages like easy-to-make teas, or commercially available punches, dissolvable cannabinoids are rapidly diversifying how edibles are consumed. Users can even dissolve powdered THC right into a glass of water, something once thought impossible.

How Are Dissolvable Products Made?

Dissolvable cannabinoids haven’t been around until recently.

If you understand how difficult it is to turn a water-hating molecule into a water-loving molecule, then you won’t have to question why it took so long to manufacture hydrophilic cannabinoids.

Through a system of intense emulsification with food-grade surfactants, extensive drying, and proprietary judge dosing, a powdery cannabinoid substance can be turned into coffee, tea, sports drink, or throat mist.

The possibilities for dissolvable cannabinoids–due to their water-infusing nature–are endless.

It gives me peace knowing I don’t need to worry about waking up late, and not having time to unpackage, grind, pack, and consume a pipe full of cannabis in the morning.

Now, I can keep the same routine I use with my coffee, and just add in dissolvable cannabinoids.


  1. “Consumers Want Healthy Foods–And Will Pay More For Them.” Forbes. 2015.

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