Dragon Balls: The Golden Translucent Concentrate

Written by Heather Ritchie

The beautiful, glowing amber color of Dragon Balls gives them the appearance of something out of a sci-fi or fantasy novel, but they are actually massive 3,000-gram glass balls containing from pure cannabis oil, measuring in at 99 percent pure THC. Created in a secret process, “The Clear” is a hydrocarbon concentrate that stands out from the rest.

“The Clear” process strips out everything from the herb except its essential cannabis compounds. The end product drips into glass globes. One reason “The Clear” probably gets its nickname is from the fact that the product is untainted and clear. It’s unique from wax, oil, and shatter because those concentrates are mixed using a propylene glycol solvent. It’s transparent appearance results from the fact that it’s a distillate that’s been diluted using terpenes.


Cannabis distillates are created by refining cannabis material that has already been extracted. Distillation began centuries ago when Roman Egypt and ancient India used the process to distill water and liquor. Today’s advanced distillation methods are critical elements of developing cannabis concentrates. Large-scale distillation promises to be an essential part of the future of the cannabis industry.

“The Clear” is the cutting edge of cannabinoid extraction offering innovative products with maximum potency and purity. Distillates provide an evident advantage for medical cannabis applications because of the reduced impurities in the final product. The oil is vaporizedso the patient isn’t subjected to combustion products in smoke.

When you are looking for a specific, potent cannabinoid formulation with a distinct purpose in mind, distillates have an advantage. Crude oil, CO2 or butaneextracted concentrates containing previously 70-80 % THC, can now be elevated up to an almost perfect 99.85 %. The lighter yellow color of the finished distillate is the primary reason for the nickname “The Clear.”

Now that we understand distillates better let’s go back to the Dragon Ball. Dragon Balls are complex cannabis extracts that necessitate serious knowledge to process. Most importantly, they require understanding terpenes and their different concentrations, flavors, and synergies. Terpenes are naturally occurring organic compounds produced in the resin glands of plants, including cannabis.

Controlling Flavor and Effects

These volatile hydrocarbons provide a variety of aromas and flavors for cannabis products,and they work synergistically with CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids to enhance the desired effects. They are integral to the cannabis industry. Terpenes are often destroyed during the extraction process to achieve the purest cannabinoid solution possible, but they can be separated and added back in to the finished product.

This process provides more control of the final product and the effects on patients. Added terpene combinations mimic the effects of specific cultivars and increase flavor. “By reintroducing terpenes into the solution after extracting it, they are able to fine-tune the aroma, taste, and even effects of the THC. Terpene levels can be adjusted to make chemovars more uplifting, sedating, stress-reducing and so on.”

Dragon Balls can be vaped or dabbed. Those that dab say the concentrates have the authentic taste of the given flavor names like Lime Sorbet or Banana Cream. They felt that they were almost eating fruit, not dabbing sweet cannabis.

These awe-inspiring golden globes are one of the purest concentrates available. They illustrate just how technology enhances the potency of a plant that is already powerful in therapeutic benefits.

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