Homozygous Seeds

Written by Bryant Jones
  • Horticultural Scientist and Researcher at the University of Minnesota
  • Recipient of 2018-19 Mahmoud ElSohly scholarship for acknowledgement of academic contributions to the cannabis community
    • Presented winning submission to Mahmoud ElSohly among other scientists at Spring 2019 American Chemical Society Expo held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL
  • Panel speaker in CONCENTRATION 2019; Innovating Individuality: How Novel Cannabis Formulations Are Changing Industry Strategies A Cannabis Extraction Conference hosted in Pala, CA
  • Panel speaker in CONCENTRATION 2109; Mahmoud ElSohly cannabis science  Award Winners
  • Keynote speaker 2019 CANNAFARMCON2019 held at Paradise Point, CA.  Basic Basic Cannabis Propagation and Breeding
  • Current Vice-Chair of Membership for CANN the cannabis science subdivision of American Chemical Society
    • Oversees the direction of promoting and bolstering membership while advocating for cannabis science
  • Established curriculum for University of Minnesota’s first cannabis horticulture course: Cultivating the Future offered.  Offered Fall 2019
  • University of Minnesota’s first greenhouse cannabis sativa research.  Funded and publishable proposed for Fall 2019: Identification and Quantification of Greenhouse Cannabis S. Terpenes
  • Published in Terpenes and Testing. Basic Cannabis Physiology and Propagation. P 64-66.  Mar/Apr 2019 issue.
  • Published online Terpenes and Testing. Homozygous Seeds

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  • There are no Homozygous Cannabis varieties, all Cannabis is Heterozygous and Cannabis is Dioecious and an Obligate Outcrosser.
    While Homozygous Cannabis can be made they are not available.
    They can be made by doubling a haploid or selfing 4-5 generations, but that causes serious loss of vigor due to the inbreeding, there are tricks to restore vigor. We made a few.