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Cannabis Testing Opened Pandora’s Box, Exposing Contaminated Consumption Risk

Written by Nicholas Demski

Ridding the cannabis industry of compromised products with a purification box.

There was once a King of Kings, a God of Gods, that could throw lightning bolts with his bare hands. But there were also those who would try to fool him with jokes and false sacrifices. When the King of Kings discovered the false sacrifice, he grew angry, and created an enchanting woman. He had the rest of the gods decorate her with the finest attire and beautiful spring flowers. As a gift, she was given to the brother of the jokester, along with a box that he was told to never open. The man complied. The woman–Pandora–was immensely curious, however. She opened the box one night as the man slept. Out crawled the spiders of guilt, the wasps of jealousy, and the leeches of sadness. Unable to contain them, they escaped and spread across the world and infected every human.

Pandora’s Box, despite the awfulness of everything inside, had one redeeming quality. After all the creepy crawlies of our negative emotions and mal-intentions escaped, something beautiful emerged, shining and fluttering like a butterfly: Hope.

Is there hope for cannabis?

Sometimes, what imbeds our cannabis isn’t all butterflies and roses.

On the contrary. Mold, mites, bacteria, and pesticides are all potential risks to our health when consuming cannabis.

That’s where The BOX Purify system comes into play. It sneaks into our lives as a tool for protection against an onslaught of common health risks.1

The BOX is a necromancer. It brings back the dead, breathing life into flowers that would otherwise be destroyed by bacteria or covered in mold.

Without impacting the cannabinoids, The BOX goes Dr. Frankenstein on the flower by molecularly altering the cannabis. It murders pathogens. It cuts apart fungal elements. And, like a sorcerer, imbues a longer shelf-life into the cannabis, giving it god-like immortality.

Originally designed to destroy microbial contamination that had tainted human tissues meant for clinical use, The Box’s proprietary tech introduces Reactive-Oxygen to eradicate the molds, bacteria, and fungi that are visible on the surface.2 But it doesn’t stop there. It snakes it’s way deep into that fouled bud, and cleanses from the outside in.  Alan Novotny, the Oz behind The Box’s curtain, discussed its killer capabilities reporting“…a 600,000-CFU reduction in mold spores. A 600,000-CFU organic reduction in microorganisms is a huge advancement over what’s out there right now, and it works in a fraction of the time other methods require.”

Final Act

What went into this modern-day Pandora’s Box might frighten us–like the thought of eating pesticide-laden Halloween brownies–but what comes out of The BOX Purify system is better than what goes in.

While flowers covered with fungus and laced with poisons may go into the The BOX, what comes out is only the shining, fluttering delight of clean cannabis.

Don’t be scared, open The BOX when no one is looking. What’s the worst that could happen?


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