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cbd honey
Written by David Stearns

Frangiosa Farms Colorado Hemp CBD Honey is a healing infusion backed by a passion for helping veterans who’ve returned home.

Many of us are looking to improve our daily routines. This quest leads us to products that are high quality and beneficial to our body. For some, this quest is a search for the best extracts and flowers. For others, they religiously purchase coffee beans from an artisan coffee roaster. Plenty of people use honey in their daily routine. Some use it for their tea and others use it in their oatmeal. Regardless of how they use it honey is an important commodity for many people. My favorite use for the sugar substitute is in some of my marinades. Over the past month or so, I have been explaining the health benefits of Cannabidiol in these blog posts. I have explained the effectiveness of CBD as an anti-cancer agent. I have explained how CBD can improve the effectiveness of your morning cup of joe. But what about CBD honey?

By now we know why it is important to take a daily dose of CBD: It is an antioxidant and can be an important piece to your daily regimen.

Sometimes it is important to take a step back from all the science hoopla and take notice of some of the cool things that people are doing. I had the chance to speak with Nick French, The Bee Shepherd at Frangiosa Farms in beautiful Parker, Colorado. Nick is both a veteran and Cannabis science junkie. He is heavily involved in saving the ever-endangered bee population. Another passion of his is saving returning veterans from the dark depths of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. These are things I salute and I felt really lucky to speak with Nick for as long as I did. What was meant to be a 25-minute conversation turned into a 45-minute call! I gained a respect for Nick and saw past the honey business and saw Nick for what he represented.


The honey that you buy is an artisan style product. It does not come with a chemical analysis sheet. But Nick informed me he uses ProVerde Laboratories Incorporated, a laboratory based out of Massachusetts. Each batch is tested, meaning each time he creates his small volume lot of honey it is run through the testing facility. Part of the reason why you will not find a chemical analysis sheet with the honey is due to the DEA and their recent actions regarding the Cannabis community. It is sad to see that even a product like this CBD Honey and its owners can be prosecuted by the DEA for providing an artisan, health conscious product. We know very well the benefits of adding some honey to your diet every day, and we definitely know the benefits of adding a Hemp extract to your diet everyday.


In fact, the honey doesn’t actually say “CBD Infused” – it states the product is “cannabinoid-rich.” If one was interested in seeing the cannabinoid breakdown, you can contact Nick and he would be more than happy to send it to you. As previously stated, the actual content of the honey is not stated on the product because of DEA guidelines. As a provider of a cannabinoid product, Nick is walking a fine line between legal and illegal. Terrible, isn’t it?


There is 15mg of a whole hemp extract infused into the honey during production. I asked about a per-serving dose and I was informed there is about 1.25mg of pure CBD per teaspoon (about five grams of honey). The honey is seen as an “excellent vehicle” for cannabinoid delivery because of its viscosity. It coats the mouth and keeps the honey and infused cannabinoids in contact with your capillaries longer than if you were to simply swallow a tincture. This allows for both capillary absorption and absorption through your digestive system.

cbd honey

Now, there are a few flavors of the Colorado Hemp Honey I would like to point out. Obviously, natural flavor is one of them. However, I particularly like the way Nick has named his flavors because it seems to be reminiscent of the recreational cannabis industry with names like Lemon Aid, Mandarin Magic, and Ginger Snap. In addition, the artwork is clean and organic – something integral to a product’s overall success. While we preach not to judge a book by its cover, how many of us practice that on a regular basis?


The most impressive part about Colorado Hemp Honey is clearly the man behind the operation. He is a veteran and is taking this piece of himself into his business. Part of his mission is to help those coming back from the battlefield. Gardening and beekeeping proved to be a personal therapy for himself, and he wishes to extend this fascinating art to his brothers and sisters who have been hurt by the terrible things they have seen overseas.


From being able to adopt a honey bee hive to his efforts helping those who fight for us, Nick French embodies the American Dream. His fight to preserve a beautiful creature, uplift those who are down in a dark place, and to spread sweet cannabinoid-rich honey is, to put it plainly, really cool.


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David Stearns

I have always had an analytical mindset and was curious about the world. In the last five years I have been doing literature research on the legality/morality of Cannabis legalization since 10th grade but as of the past four years I have shifted my focus to the science of the Endocannabinoid System and anything Cannabis related. In the spring, I will have completed my undergraduate Biology degree at Ramapo College of New Jersey. I had planned a comprehensive research study with funding approved by my advisers to test the effectiveness of Cannabidiol as an anti-cancer agent. However, due to legal issues the plan was scrapped. I do plan on completing this research in the future any way possible. My passion is science and knowledge, and it is my duty to help people.

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