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CBD and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Written by Cara Wietstock

New study shows effects of CBD treatment on secondary symptoms.

Renowned Mexico neurologist Dr. Carlos G. Aguirre-Velazquez successfully utilized the HempMeds® flagship THC-free product in a recent study among patients. The research is meant to identify how CBD rich Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X™ could help reduce the severity of secondary symptoms of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC).

“Each time new study results are published showing the positive effects of CBD on a new indication is a victory for showcasing the therapeutic benefits of CBD and people around the world suffering from a multitude of debilitating conditions,” said Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc.

TSC is a genetic disorder first described in the late 1800’s that causes tumors to form in the brain, eyes, heart, kidney, skin, and lungs. Seizures, developmental delay, intellectual disability, and autism are all possible symptoms of TSC. These neurological conditions can all impact a patient’s quality of life, however, the severity of symptoms can vary widely from patient to patient. Many who are diagnosed with TSC lead successful, fulfilling lives; in fact, about 1 million people are diagnosed with the condition worldwide. Dr. Aguirre-Velazquez and his fellow researchers focused on utilizing Cannabidiol (CBD) to reduce the impact of one of these symptoms.


Source: HempMeds Mexico

The survey targeted the frequency, intensity, and duration of involuntary convulsions in patients diagnosed with TSC. The research team also observed the patient’s quality of life, dependence on heavy prescription drugs, and the long-term sustainability of CBD treatment. Results of the study showed that 60% of participants saw an 80-100% reduction in their frequency of seizures. There were also significant enhancements in patient’s quality of life. A heightened mood, appetite, and general cognitive ability were substantial among patients using CBD treatment.

Dr. Titus continued, “We congratulate Dr. Aguirre for his work in unveiling, like he did in this study, that not only is CBD effective in relieving seizures, but also exhibiting that CBD can be used over long periods of time without harm, compared to antiepileptic or broad-spectrum steroids that can have dangerous side effects if used for several years, including vision and damage to major organs.”

As for side effects, there wasn’t anything too serious to report. Mild drowsiness and an increase in appetite were common, but those who experienced this seemed to simply need a smaller dose. All in all, the study concluded that CBD could be utilized as a long-term medicine for treating the frequency, intensity, and duration of convulsive crises secondary to TCS. They also add that the treatment compares at $300 pesos for CBD treatment to $35,000 pesos for everolimus.

Dr. Aguirre presented his findings on a Facebook Live stream still available to view on the Por GRACE page.

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