CERESLabs Plans to Lead California Cannabis Testing Labs

cannabis testing labs
Written by Cara Wietstock

CERESLabs is the newest player among California cannabis testing labs.

In all of the unknown going on in US cannabis, we can all agree on one thing: all eyes are on the California cannabis industry. Recreational cannabis will be officially for sale January 1, 2018, and with it comes a whole slew of regulations going into place. One of the most prominent points to focus on are the rigorous and mandatory testing requirements. Every single cannabis product that is sold in California must be analyzed in a testing lab and CERESLabs wants to be on the map when it comes to cannabis testing labs.

CERESLabs opened their investment round this week in hopes of creating a full-compliance California cannabis testing lab. They will also focus on continuing scientific research on crop remediation. Founders Sachin Barot and Denis Chen have decades of experience in business and finance. They have now spent months researching the cannabis testing lab industry and are focused on providing the consumer with a desirable and ‘clean’ end product.

cannabis testing labs

While the founders have an understanding of the ins and outs of business enterprise, they knew that they still needed scientific talent to really make CERESLabs work. Dr. Pritesh Kumar, Ph.D. fills that gap as Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Kumar is a world-renowned cannabinoid pharmacologist with experience in cannabis laboratory analytical testing and research.

“Dr. Kumar’s expertise in cannabis research, laboratory protocols, developing /operating analytical laboratories as well as his work with the global scientific community, will be invaluable in achieving the highest global standards for our testing facilities,” said Sachin Barot, CERESLabs CEO.

Having their full team in place is what inspired CERESLab to open the floor for investors. Their lofty goal is to become a global leader in the cannabis testing lab industry, but for now, they’re focused on launching a scalable analytical cannabis lab that fits within the stringent California standards.

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