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Written by Cara Wietstock Holds Toy Drive and Charities Reject Donations

For years, has reigned as the world’s largest cannabis marketplace. They have also involved themselves in various charitable endeavors. This year to honor the holiday spirit they hosted a toy drive and collected enough donations to fill a semi-truck. While this is a momentous turnout of charitable donations from the community, the representatives at BudTrader are having issues finding a charity that is willing to accept their donations.

BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin recently reached out to the community in a Facebook post, “We have reached out to a lot of the major charitable organizations, offering to donate toys. The responses have been uniformly dismissive, ranging from flat out ‘No’ to crickets or no response at all.”

Their donation would be extensive, but the response from charitable companies has been disappointing to say the least. Aside from over two thousand toys purchased internally by BudTrader, their platform users have also donated to the drive. With over 96 palettes to donate, representatives are now scrambling to find a charity. Now, as most charities have already distributed their toys McLaughlin has reached out on Facebook in hopes of finding a company still looking for donations.

“The cannabis community is going to be the greatest thing to happen to the great state of California,” McLaughlin continued. “The tax revenue generated will allow us to erase the deficit and build the world’s best schools and infrastructure. It breaks my heart that this is the negative response we have gotten. The toy drive was about giving and helping kids and presents during Christmas.”

If this is due to stigma it is surprising for many since more than a dozen states have legalized cannabis in some form (medical or recreational). Anyone who has information on where these toys can be donated or for charities still accepting donations, please contact BudTrader through their website at

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