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Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Chooses Heliospectra

commercial cannabis cultivation
Written by Cara Wietstock

TruGanic Hybrid Cultivation is building a state of the art cannabis cultivation. The commercial cannabis cultivation also goes by the name THCultivation. Recently, the Oregon grow entity announced that they would be installing Heliospectra lighting systems in their currently-under-construction-Portland grow operation. The rather large order included the Heliospectra LX60. THCultivation plans to use the lighting solutions to standardize the crop quality and consistency.

Heliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO) is a world leader in intelligent lighting technology. They specialize in providing lighting systems for controlled plant environments and greenhouses. Heliospectra provides a unique product to the commercial cannabis cultivation industry.

commercial cannabis cultivation

The Oregon facility is going to launch a breeding program on site. They will also grow eight different strains using double vertical tier rack systems. The adjustable spectra makes the LX60 preferable for the team at this specific facility. These controls allow this model to be used from the vegetative state through flowering. THCultivation wants to use these finely tuned controls to finely tune the lifecycle of their strains.

“We want to focus on the vegetation stage with the goal of taking clones to one-gallon plants in four weeks,” said Bruce Caruso, Director of Cultivation at THCultivation. “The ability to establish strong, healthy plants from day one and dial in the light strategies by strain with granular control over the far red is critical. Heliospectra is the most advanced and flexible sole source lighting solution on the market for our indoor growing environment.”

The cultivation team at THCultivation did extensive research on the best lighting systems for Organic, no-till gardening before landing on Heliospectra. The final decision came down to the fact that these systems were waterproof and durable. The CORTEX control software lets the cultivation manager work with the growing data. Commercial cannabis growers can use the centralized management system and scheduling tools to automate lighting strategies and control or group lights into zones prescribed to specific stages in the life cycle. This was an attractive quality for the Oregon growing team.

While this garden is excited to utilize the optimized control systems, this isn’t the only benefit of using Heliospectra lighting systems. These systems also have built in fans for air movement and self-cooling. They offer a solution that requires far less HVAC setup and in turn, save the garden a large chunk of construction investment capital.

THCultivation owner Ryan Miles explained, “If you start to think about how our business operations will scale while utility rates continue to rise over the next 10 to 15 years, the opportunity to streamline the electricity demand without sacrificing light intensity also represents significant dollar savings.”

This partnership should benefit both parties as THCultivation proves the worth of Heliospectra in the cannabis sector. What lighting systems do you find ideal? Does the idea of having one room from veg to flower sound like a good idea? Let us know in the comments.


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