Dr. Paul’s Xanadu Vape Pen Review

oil vape pen
Written by Cara Wietstock

The Xanadu is a vape pen meant to induce restful slumber and an overall calmness using a combination of cannabinoid and terpene extractions.

oil vape penPaul Muchowski, Ph.D. (or Dr. Paul) will tell you himself that the foundation of their company is rooted in both science and friendship. Before crafting terpene infused vape cartridges Dr. Paul was a professor at two of the world’s top medical schools. At these institutions, he led a research lab that developed potential new treatments for brain diseases. This research led him to investigate the endocannabinoid system, and in this, they made a miraculous discovery. It was his epiphany regarding a scientific understanding of terpenes as a major player in our personal cannabis experience, and the seed idea for Doctor Paul’s oil vape pen was born.

This post is dedicated to the Xanadu Dream Starter vape pen whose added terpenes help us achieve a sound, solid night’s rest. For this recipe, Dr. Paul has added high levels of beta-myrcene and linalool. The oil vape pen is also infused CO2 oil extracted using only Mendocino-grown cannabis that was farmed with clean, pesticide-free practices. Scientific studies support that both of these terpenes can induce sedation. The terpenes create a depth alongside the high provided by the potency results of 70% THC. Vape cartridges are manufactured using high-quality metal tips that are engraved with Xanadu, the identifying name of the oil vape pen. They also come in child-resistant packaging for the parents and babysitters out there.

When it comes to vaping Dr. Paul’s Xanadu, expect a rich experience both in the flavor and effects. The patchouli flavor of the myrcene is complimented by the floral notes in the linalool for a divinely smooth vapor. Within moments a distinct feeling begins to stir in the temples and behind the eyes before settling into a delightful, full body high. After the initial relaxation, the vape pen may induce a sedated, downright sleepy effect. When I took a few hits before bed I fell asleep with very little sleep anxiety. Each cartridge does like to be vaped at a specific temperature, and on my battery, it works best on the lowest setting. These results are based on my personal experience and are not scientific claims.

Aside from the Xanadu Dream Starter oil vape pen, Dr. Pauls crafts the Epiphany Focused Energy, Big Sur Legendary Flavor, Heal Natural Relief (CBD), and Tsunami Feel The Rush.

Learn more about these flavors and individual terpenes at Dr. Paul’s website.

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oil vape pen

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