Edible CBD Yummys from Oleum

Get an edible CBD Yummy anywhere that Oleum is sold, the perfect addition to flu season or injuries. 

The cannabis-derived concentration is 75% CBD and 5% THC so it will have a rich, body effect with very little psychoactive. When consumed with a water pipe the extract delivers an extraordinary, smooth smoke that maintains the claims by Oleum that they have a refined and filtered product. The cherry cough syrup flavor is the result of natural terpenes and is unmissable on any palate. Smoking this product creates effects much like described by the team at Oleum, you’re within a ‘liquid space blanket’. It is literally like being wrapped in a warm blanket knit by your grandmother. Melt into a pool on the ground instead of tensing up with stress headaches mid week when medicating with this CBD rich extraction that carries very low levels of THC.

We recommend anyone try a healing edible CBD Yummy since this cannabinoid is such a cure-all.

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