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September/October 2018: The Compliance Issue

November/December 2018: Best Practices

Jan/Feb 2019: The Sensory Issue

Mar/Apr 2019: Horticultural Science

May/June 2019: Cannabis Analytics

July/Aug 2019: The Future of Cannabis

Sept/Oct 2019: Allegiance to the Terpene

Nov/Dec 2019: Advances in Cannabis Science and Technology

Jan/Feb 2020: Travel back in time to revisit traditional methods of cannabis consumption and medical treatments.

Mar/Apr 2020: Tools of the Trade, Recent Advancements in Analytical Instrumentation

May/June 2020: Hemp For Victory, Hemp Cultivation Handbook

July/Aug 2020: Summer of Independence, A Survival Manual for the Lab

Sept/Oct 2020: The Current Canvas of Cannabinoid and Terpene Therapies

Nov/Dec 2020: Terpenes and Testing Tribunal, According to the Board