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Extraction Product Review: CEID Labs

Written by Casey Walsh

We had the opportunity to sample Blackjack Shatter from CEID Labs and discovered what the fuss is all about.

CEID Labs, pronounced ‘seed’, is a San Diego cannabis company that was started by a couple of friends. Shane and Chad broke into the industry as a delivery service. They quickly realized their hearts were in the process of extraction. Their studies into the process of extraction took them so far that Shane decided to get a degree in chemistry. These two friends have a goal to make amazing oil, as they’d call it: “the highest quality funk-skank, through research and science”. CEID prides themselves in being a company that dabbers can trust.

I believe CEID will do very well as the recreational market slowly develops in their county. Chad and his business partner attended the Emerald Conference in February where we had a chance to catch up with them. After meeting with them I had the opportunity to sample their Blackjack shatter. The first thing that I noticed was the vibrant golden color of the extraction. Second glances highlight both the clarity and stability displayed in the CEID shatter. It has a pleasantly sweet aroma paired with a pungent, earthy odor that broke out of the parchment paper as soon as I opened it.

The first sliver I broke off the 0.5 gram shatter coin made a snapping sound. This is just the sound that we all want in our cured and dried shatters. When dabbing this onto a properly heated quartz banger accompanied by a carb cap I was pleasantly surprised by the mouth full of delectably dry grapes. The flavor was like taking a sip of Cabernet or a Shiraz. This instantly gave me dry mouth and found myself deeply indulged in a game of Overwatch on PS4. All my senses were heightened and my concentration didn’t move until I had to come up to get some water in hopes of quenching that epic thirst.

Big Ups to the extraction team at CEID Labs, and I wish them the best moving forward. Their extractions are impressive and stable, literally everything I look for in a quality shatter.

About the author

Casey Walsh

I was born in San Mateo, California but grew up in Portland, Oregon. I have always had a passion for cannabis and its capabilities to heal and help reduce anxiety. I moved to LA when I was in my mid 20s where I worked in television production for 2 years, but my passion was still in cannabis. I soon returned to Portland hoping to get back in touch with my roots and cannabis connections. It was then that I started Miyagi Extracts in Oregon with two of my best friends and never looked back. Eventually I moved on to work for another legal concentrate company in SE Portland where I processed using Sub Zero light hydrocarbon closed loop extractors, Julabo rotary evaporators, and a Pope Scientific Short Path Wiped Film Molecular still for separation of Terpenes, Cannabinoids, and undesirables. I currently work as an extraction account executive for Terpenes and Testing Magazine and do product sales for and extraction company called CEID who are based out of San Diego CA.

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