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Extraction Review: Utopia Farms Chiquita Banana Sugar Wax


Sugary, Delicious, and Euphoric: hit all the bases with this amazing extraction.

As a Prop 215 patient, our Account Executive Casey Walsh is our resident expert on extractions. He recently tried Utopia Farms Chiquita Banana Sugar Wax from 80Fire Meds in Pismo Beach. This extraction delivered a truly euphoric experience after dabbing. So much so that Casey reached out so that it would be shared on the blog. Not only is this extract cured to perfection, it is also completely sugared out. Walsh looks for extractions that are well packaged, properly labeled with a clear appearance, strain specific smell, and true-to-strain effects. Utopia extractions meet every single point.


Photo By River Collective

After simply looking at their product it is obvious that Utopia extractions are properly purged. Assessing the full spectrum of their product makes it clear that the extraction was created with a certain level of passion and care. This is because Utopia Farms is focused on creating the most refined extractions.

The mission at Utopia is to create healthy products with conscious technique, high-quality ingredients, and a transparent brand. The award-winning cannabis company specializes in every aspect of product manufacturing. Their refined extracts, nutritious edibles, and artisanal flowers are all SC Labs certified. Each product undergoes a rigorous full-spectrum testing for each homogenized batch. This ensures that they create consistent and safe products. These lab results are made publicly available for all patients who receive their products.

Utopia farms is a company that cares, and they show it through harboring clean growing practices and using clean ingredients. This shines through with their sugar wax and their practices outside of the farm. Utopia Farms is an officially carbon-neutral company. They take part in a reforestation plan that gives back the CO2 that their company takes from the Earth. Utopia also implements water-saving techniques to reclaim 65% of the water used at their facility.


From the sugary extractions to the earth-friendly manufacturing practices, we’re fans of Utopia Farms.



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