FARMACEUTICALRX™ Positioned to Become Leader in Medical Cannabis Innovation with Ohio Cultivation License

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EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio, May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — FARMACEUTICALRX™ is excited to announce that the Company received a Level I Cultivation License in Ohio on May 17th, 2019. This provisional award follows the Company’s award of both Processor and Dispensary Licenses in the State which positions FARMACEUTICALRX™ to be a vertically-integrated operator in Ohio. FARMACEUTICALRX™’s Ohio operations are based in East Liverpool in Columbiana County. The Company’s dispensary, FRX Health, opened in February of 2019.

“We are extremely proud to be one of the few companies in the State of Ohio to become a vertically integrated operator,” stated FARMACEUTICALRX™ Chief Executive Officer, Rebecca Myers.

“The continued expansion of our operating base is a key component to the development of our therapeutics platform. This is another important step on our path to truly transform the way medical cannabis is developed and delivered in the area of cannabinoid therapeutics,” Myers continued.

“We intend to make Ohio a critical part of our continued innovation and Ohio patients the beneficiaries of our mission,” stated CEO Rebecca Myers.

Living Soil Cultivation Method and Vertical Integration

FARMACEUTICALRX™ is currently Ohio’s only licensed cultivator growing in Living Soil, a pure and natural style of cultivation. “Cannabis grown with Living Soil Cultivation Methods is generally regarded as the cleanest and highest quality in the world,” stated Cassandra Maffey, the VP of Cultivation for FARMACEUTICALRX™.

In addition to producing high-quality cannabis flowers, FARMACEUTICALRX™ will be producing a variety of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts through its processing business. With over 300 medical cannabis strains, sourced from all over the world growing in the Company’s East Liverpool Cultivation Facility, the Company is positioned to develop a long list of medical cannabis products. “Our extraction team is comprised of experienced chemists and cannabis professionals. This balances analytical precision with a holistic approach, which we feel is truly part of who we are as a company,” says Maffey. “We’ll come out of the gate with some of the highest quality medical cannabis products in the world and keep innovating as we listen to the needs of our patients,” continued Maffey.

Maffey encourages patients to visit the Company’s dispensary, FRX Health, in East Liverpool. “Now that we are vertically integrated, our cultivation and extraction teams will be able to take patient feedback as we decide which cannabis varieties to plant—or which products patients would like to see first,” stated Maffey.

The Company’s dispensary team, led by pharmacist Joe Jeffries, will work closely with the cultivation and extraction teams to help patients access the highest quality medicine for their needs. The FARMACEUTICALRX™ team recognizes that each patient is unique and stresses the importance of customized medicine. The FRX Health Dispensary is one of the highest rated dispensaries in Ohio, according to WeedMaps.

Economic Development and Job Creation

In addition to partnering with premier academic centers to advance science and promote innovation, FARMACEUTICALRX™ is focused on providing economic development and job creation in the communities in which it operates. East Liverpool Mayor, Ryan Stovall, commented, “Replacing the industries of the past with an industry of the future is very exciting. My administration is looking forward to working with FARMACEUTICALRX™ as they expand and grow to serve not only the local community but the entire State of Ohio.”

About FARMACEUTICALRX™. FARMACEUTICALRX™ is a leading therapeutics company focused on bringing innovations through research and development to the medical cannabis sector. FARMACEUTICALRX™ has a vertically integrated multi-state operational platform. FARMACEUTICALRX™ and its affiliated companies are licensed to offer high quality medical cannabis therapeutics to more than 26 million patients through its multi-state platform including Ohio and Pennsylvania. FARMACEUTICALRX™ is led by a world-class team of scientists and driven by the discovery, development, and manufacturing of revolutionary, high quality products through its vertically integrated platform. Our innovation is your future health. Learn more at

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