FarmaceuticalRX™ Receives Certification to Commence Operations in Pennsylvania’s Medical Cannabis Program

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FARRELL, Pa., April 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — FarmaceuticalRX™, a therapeutics company focused on the medical cannabis sector with a multi-state operational platform, today announced that it has received certification to commence its cultivation operations in Pennsylvania.  FarmaceuticalRX™ was awarded a Grower/Processor license last summer from the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Office as part of Round Two of the Medical Cannabis Program. FarmaceuticalRX™’s Grower/Processor facility, located in Farrell, PA, is a state-of-the-art facility designed to develop high-quality medical cannabis products for patients in Pennsylvania. The Company anticipates that it will commence medical product sales in Pennsylvania later this summer.

“We are excited to be a Grower and Processor certified to operate in Pennsylvania and the first to be certified in Round 2,” stated Rebecca Myers, Founder and CEO of FarmaceuticalRX™. “We continue to demonstrate our capacity to develop and open every aspect of our vertically integrated multi-state platform efficiently and on time. Our Pennsylvania Campus houses our Research & Development Lab where we will take a leadership role in the advancement of science in this important new industry, Myers commented.  We will differentiate ourselves in the market with our suite of medicinal, high-quality therapeutics.  We are grateful to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for their trust in us and we are excited to serve the patients of Pennsylvania,” Myers commented.

FarmaceuticalRX™ is the first Phase II Grower/Processor to be certified to commence operations, only 7 months after receiving their license award. This makes FarmaceuticalRX™ the 13th Grower/Processor certified to provide medical cannabis products to patients in Pennsylvania.

FarmaceuticalRX™ is focused on advancing the knowledge base around medical cannabis therapies. The Company’s formulation and branding engine is powered by its R&D relationships with premier academic centers. FarmaceuticalRX™ is committed to offering the highest-quality products to patients in the Pennsylvania market.

“Our team has created one of the most extensive and research-based medical cannabis genetic inventories in the country,” says FarmaceuticalRX™’s Vice President of Cultivation, Cassandra Maffey. “We are thrilled to offer the patients of Pennsylvania the best cannabis cultivars, grown utilizing the purest cultivation methods, with the cleanest and most advanced extraction techniques.”

A core component of FarmaceuticalRX™’s mission is drive economic development and job creation in the communities in which it operates. The Company’s Pennsylvania Campus is located on the site of a former steel manufacturing facility in the industrial corridor in Farrell, PA.

FarmacueticalRX™ is bringing a new and fast-growing industry to a community with a tremendous history of manufacturing strength.

“The City of Farrell and all of Council are excited to welcome FarmaceuticalRX™ and its team of dedicated professionals to our community and look forward to many years of a mutually beneficial relationship. I am greatly impressed to see that they have become operational so quickly, despite the challenges that they faced in tailoring the facility to their needs,” stated Michael Ceci, City Manager of Farrell.

About FarmaceuticalRX™.  FarmaceuticalRX™ is a leading therapeutics company focused on bringing innovations through research and development to the medical cannabis sector.  FarmaceuticalRX™ has a vertically integrated multi-state operational platform.  FarmaceuticalRX™ and its affiliated companies are licensed to offer high quality medical cannabis therapeutics to more than 26 million patients through its multi-state platform including Ohio and Pennsylvania.  FarmaceuticalRX™ is led by a world-class team of scientists and driven by the discovery, development, and manufacturing of revolutionary, high quality products through its vertically integrated platform. Our innovation is your future health.  Learn more at

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