Futuristic Tech for Homegrowers

Written by Colby McCoy

As an increasing number of states legalize the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis, consumers have growing choices at their fingertips when getting cannabis.

Outside of traditional dispensaries, another highly popular way of enjoying cannabis is to grow it at home. Fortunately, there are products out there that are solely designed to make one’s growing experience easier when it comes to convenience, cost, and aesthetics. In this article, we will briefly touch upon some of the coolest homegrowing tech out there.


Green Goddess Supply’s Armoire Growing System with Cherry Finish

The Armoire 60 by Green Goddess Supply is designed to look like furniture, reportedly taking eye-sore tents out of the equation. Short of seed, water, and fertilizer, the Armoire 60 has everything a home grower would need to produce quality cannabis from the comfort of their home. Of course, this system can be utilized to grow small hemp crops, which are legal in all states. It stands at 4.5 feet tall, featuring quiet, odorless operation. Do keep in mind that the price tag on the Armoire 60 is not cheap, coming in at $1,495.00.



Grobo Solid

The Grobo Solid is another homegrowing box system that offers sleek visuals, making it not only a cutting-edge incubator for your cannabis, but a piece of eye candy to boot. If you are looking to grow your own cannabis with sleek hydroponics, look no further than the Grobo Solid. This system employs a 3-gallon water tank for deep culture hydroponics with automatic nutrient dosing. It adds more blue light during vegetation and red light during flowering. Compared to the Armoire 60, the Grobo Solid commands a higher price tag and doesn’t mimic furniture but still looks pretty cool.



Black Dog LED

Black Dog’s LED system aims to bring high quality lighting solutions to homegrowers with its PhytoMax2-Series. The company offers multiple LED products at different wattages and sizes to suit various growing operations. If you are in the market for cutting-edge LED lighting that has flexible effectiveness, look no further than Black Dog LED. Their systems reportedly offer a full spectrum of UV and infrared light that is unrivaled by most other major products on the market today. The company also offers all-inclusive grow tents (pictured in main image).

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