Have a TOAK: New LED Cannabis Grow Lights from Access Fixtures

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WORCESTER, Mass., April 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures, a Worcester, MA-based manufacturer of commercial, industrial, and sports lighting, has announced a new high performance LED cannabis and vegetable grow light. Called the TOAK, this fixture is geared towards novice growers and experienced growers alike. TOAK efficiently maximizes cost per watt more than many other similar grow lights. TOAK has a micromoles per watt rating of 2.3, which is well within the average micromoles per watt range for LED grow light fixtures. Even better, TOAK’s cost-per-watt ratio is about half that of similar-performing LED grow fixtures. Its cost translates into about a dollar per watt, compared to the two or three dollars-per-watt of other fixtures in its class.

Access Fixtures

Access Fixtures

By utilizing a high PAR ratio at a low cost per luminaire, TOAK becomes a promising solution for growers. PAR, or photosynthetically active radiation, is a unit of measurement that is described by measuring micromoles of photons per second.  A higher PAR measurement corresponds to a higher rate by which plants photosynthesize light.  For comparison’s sake, PAR is to plants what lumens are to humans.

When it comes to the growth of plants, light wavelength is also important. The TOAK features a simple switch-activated design that turns on bloom or vegetation mode. Bloom mode encourages flowering through use of the blue spectrum of light, while vegetation mode encourages leaf growth through the use of the red spectrum of light. When used together, the light from these modes merges to create an ideal environment for growing and supporting the cannabis plant throughout its entire life cycle. The TOAK is efficient and affordable enough for any type of grow imaginable.

“Our new TOAK LED cannabis grow light supports all life cycles of the cannabis plant through its bloom and vegetation modes as well as maximizing space,” says Access Fixtures CEO Steve Rothschild. “It’s also economically priced for both novice home-growers and experienced professional growers.”

In addition to saving space and maximizing light output, TOAK is also encased in a sturdy corrosion-resistant aluminum housing. Its built-in passive heat sink prevents overheating by providing thermal management and maximizing PAR output. The wire hook mount design enables quick and easy change of the mounting height above the plants. TOAK is inherently user-friendly due to its attached power cord and plug — no electrician is necessary to install these fixtures.

The fixture itself measures 17 by 11 inches. The small size enables the luminaires to be hung as close together as the grower wants, increasing the light emitted and maximizing grow space. To meet Massachusetts energy requirements of 36 watts per square foot of canopy, TOAK can be placed as dense as every 3′ x 4′ area of canopy. TOAK is intended for cannabis growing but can also be used for indoor herb, fruit, and vegetable growing as well. L70 rated at 50,000 hours, TOAK has enough longevity to last through several years of continuous use. Like all Access Fixtures luminaires, TOAK is equipped with a 5-year warranty.

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