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High as a Honey Bee

cannabis laced honey
Written by Grow sisters

There’s a lot of buzz about Cannabis Honey swarming the internet lately. Recently, claims have been made that honey bees are creating cannabis-laced honey. Let’s look at what we know about Apis Mellifera (honey bees). They are attracted by smell and color. Also, bees collect nectar from flowering plants. Now looking at cannabis, this plant is anemophilous wind-pollinated) and does not produce nectar.


Nectar production is an energy-expensive adaptation that lures in pollinators, if a plant does not need pollinators, nectar production is pointless. Bees will collect resin for propolis (used to seal unwanted open spaces in the hive), though the propolis does not make it into the honey. Propolis itself has many useful medicinal properties and if cannabinoids are being transferred, could it be possible that the propolis is the real hidden gem? This just goes to show how much we still have to learn from this fantastically medicinal plant!

cannabis-laced honey

Then came the claims that the bees were collecting psychoactive resin from the cannabis plant. Throwing little bee stoner parties and playing Willie Nelson way too loud for the neighbors. However, this is very unlikely because bees have no neuroreceptors that would allow them to apprehend the psychoactive elements in cannabis.


Upon hearing about cannabis-laced honey, as a cannabis farmer, all I could think was only the male plant produces pollen. The female cannabis plant provides the flower we desire to harvest, not the male, and in fact, most cannabis farmers avoid having a male plant anywhere within a ten-mile radius! Male plants will pollinate all your females plants and you will end up with more seed than flower. The male plant produces such little pollen and it doesn’t produce any nectar, cannabis plants produce little to no food for the bees.


As much as I like to think of high bees blasting Willie tunes, it turns out they are not creating cannabis-laced honey. However, you can make this wonderful product at home! Just as you would infuse cannabis into coconut oil, you can infuse cannabis into honey. Check out The Grow Sisters “Cococanna Video.”


Backyard bee-keeping is a golden ticket for the future health of our environment and if you would like to learn more please check out The Grow Sisters “Smoking Out Bees Video!” These topics are very intereSTING and while researching them remember

You Can Grow Your Own Way!

This post was written by Siobhan Darwish, one of two amazing second generation growers that can be found on Instagram @grow.sisters and on their YouTube Channel linked above.

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The Grow Sisters are made up of two sisters, Siobhan and Sloan. We own and operate Blessed Coast Farms, Humboldt Counties first legal cannabis farm, and we are second generation farmers. We are honored to share our life, instructional YouTube videos and our knowledge with you!

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