Innovative Treatment for Seizures Released by Nature’s Grace and Wellness & JC Pharma Inc

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Two Health and Wellness Powerhouses Collaborate to Help Those Suffering from Seizures Through an Innovative and Fast-Acting Intranasal Spray Solution

CHICAGO – July 11, 2019 /Canna Newswire/ – Nature’s Grace and Wellness & JC Pharma, Inc. have reached a much- anticipated agreement that will make a groundbreaking, new seizure treatment available to the public.

CannatolRx Nasal Rescue Spray is an original forced-air intranasal medication for individuals who suffer from severe seizures.

“We have worked long and hard to find a good partner in Illinois to manufacture and distribute the CannatolRx Rescue Nasal Spray,” said Jason Cranford, Founder of JC Pharma Inc. He added, “We are very pleased to announce that JC Pharma has chosen Nature’s Grace and Wellness as our Illinois partner.”

Because time is critical when a seizure occurs, scientists and developers at JC Pharma, Inc. have designed a new intranasal treatment that provides a faster delivery method than other common seizure treatments.

CannatolRx Nasal Rescue Spray is available immediately through Nature’s Grace and Wellness and at participating dispensaries. This will enable customers to provide relief to those who need it.

JC Pharma, Inc. was recently granted a patent for CannatolRx for the acute treatment of seizures. Their intranasal rescue spray is the first cannabinoid-based drug that has been proven to bring a cessation to the rhythmical jerking and stiffening of the body, arms, and legs that occurs during a seizure.

Many parents of children with intractable epilepsy have already seen the benefits of the nasal spray which has stopped seizures faster than anything else they had previously tried.

“We are thrilled to be working with JC Pharma, Inc. to bring the CannatolRx Rescue Nasal Spray to Illinois patients,” said Nature’s Grace and Wellness COO Tim O’Hern. “This product is a natural extension of our patient-focused mission and a product that has been missing from Illinois for far too long.”

About Nature’s Grace and Wellness:

In 2014, the O’Hern family founded Nature’s Grace and Wellness as part of the Compassionate Care Act of Illinois. The company’s grow center is on the family farm in Vermont, IL.
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About JC Pharma Inc.:

Founded in 2017 in Colorado, JC Pharma, Inc. is a leader in cannabinoid therapeutics. The entire Cannatol product line is made of botanical extracts cultivated on over 100 acres of Colorado farmland and processed in Denver at JC Pharma labs.

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