Introducing RayWear Clothing Company: A New Full-Spectrum Clothing Line Dedicated to Protecting Cannabis Cultivators

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Finally, hardworking growers have needed protection for todays grow environment.

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — RayWear’s revolutionary gear protects growers from harmful light radiation created by modern cultivation environments. Currently, cannabis legalization dominates legislation, risking workplace safety. The industry has turned a blind eye to worker health and safety despite promoting the plant’s health benefits. Cultivator and grower rights to a safe work environment are far from a priority for lawmakers. RayWear Clothing Company has embarked on a mission to protect today’s grower community with a line of durable, incredibly soft apparel that shields wearers from intense radiation produced by modern grow rooms and prolonged sun exposure to outdoor cultivation.

RayWear’s founder, Daniel Jordan, passionately advocates for growers and has been concerned about the health risks of light radiation. He believes cultivators making a living in grow rooms deserve a safe, nonthreatening working environment; that’s why he researched light radiation and ways to protect people from it.

Daniel found companies that specialized in UV-protective clothing. Yet, grow lights emit an entire spectrum of light — including UV rays — that harm humans when under prolonged exposure. This means health-conscious workers wearing UV-protective clothing are shielding themselves from a fraction of light spectrum radiation. Radiation is present in the full light spectrum: ultraviolet (UVA, UVB), visible (VR) and infrared (IR).

In the US, more people are diagnosed with skin cancer than all other cancers. Melanoma, the most common deadliest form of skin cancer among adults under 30, accounts for 75 percent of skin cancer deaths. The link between light radiation and melanoma is proven; both the American Cancer Society and the National Institute of Health agree light radiation causes skin cancer and other health issues. Now think of all the unprotected growers currently exposed to extreme levels of indoor and outdoor light radiation.

Working with dermatologists and clothing designers, Daniel developed a line of full-spectrum protective gear using the best fabric with the highest protective properties for cannabis cultivator use. Initially, branded as UVPPE — short for ‘UV Personal Protective Equipment’ for commercial cultivation and large-scale operations, Daniel realized he didn’t want to wait for big operations to make the right decision. He wanted his products available for cultivators and growers who needed protection now.

Daniel selected 4Blooms.Guru, a professional cannabis marketing agency dedicated to the marijuana industry for a full rebrand. With a new strategy, branding, messaging, and digital marketing plan, RayWear Clothing Company is set to launch in October 2018. A protective clothing bundle is available now at special introductory price with delivery in time for the holidays.

RayWear’s custom-designed shirts and pullovers are made from a durable, patent-pending fabric that provides complete protection against full-spectrum light radiation. RayWear gear is also breathable, lightweight, and extremely soft, allowing it to be worn on its own or underneath work coveralls and uniforms.

As the cannabis industry evolves, employers need to ensure their employees have a safe work environment. Though research is years away, RayWear advocates safety today. It took decades before tobacco risks were sanctioned. In fostering and promoting a safe and healthy cannabis community, RayWear is protecting lives and the future of the cannabis industry.

About RayWear
RayWear believes worker safety and the cannabis industry should grow hand in hand. Our mission is to shield men and women on the front lines from light radiation. Together, we can make a difference in protecting the health and well-being of the grower community.

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